Postdoctoral position/investigator/research associate at Itay Koren’s lab at Bar-Ilan University (October 2020)

The Koren lab at BIU is seeking creative and dedicated scientists to join our team. Our laboratory focus is on systematic investigation of the specificity of protein degradation pathways with implication to human disease. Our genome-wide approach that monitors the mammalian proteome turn-over in real time created a new field of investigation for biological systems, setting a new dimension that has yet to be explored. In particular, we are interested in comprehensive characterization of sequences regulating proteolysis and match them with the degradation mechanisms controlling them. In addition, we investigate protein quality control pathways activated by cells to maintain protein homeostasis and how abbreviation in these pathways lead to disease.

You will have the opportunity to perform cutting-edge studies using high-throughput approaches. We use genetics (CRISPR screens) coupled with synthetic biology (high density oligonucleotide libraries synthesis), biochemistry, cell biology and systems biology approaches to obtain a global view of degradation pathways.


  • Ph.D. degree in biological, biomedical, computational biology or physical sciences.
  • Experience with cell biology techniques (i.e, mammalian tissue culture, flow cytometry, western blot) and molecular biology (PCR, cloning) is highly desirable.
  • Familiarity with next generation sequencing (NGS) will be a plus but is not required.
  • Previous experience in computational biology and NGS data analysis is a plus.


For more information on Koren's lab please visit our webpages:

Interested candidates should send CV and a cover letter describing your scientific interests to Dr. Itay Koren: