Project Manager (June 2020)

Ador Diagnostics is an international IVD company develops, manufactures and markets unique in-vitro diagnostic solutions specially designed for small to mid-sized laboratories, doctor offices, point of care, near bed testing, specific hospital settings, (rural) labs and mobile care units. NATlab is our new and exciting molecular diagnostics platform that will revolutionize the way small-medium laboratories test infectious diseases.

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We are seeking for a Project Manager to join our team in the development of molecular biology detection solutions for infectious diseases.

The requirements:

  1. Ph.D. in Life Science
  2. Molecular biology skills:
  • Experience in development of DNA/RNA extraction from different sources, such as blood, CSF, stool, and urine;
  • Experience in design of PCR and Isothermal Amplification;
  • Experience in DNA and protein arrays
  • Excellent skills in basic molecular biology tools (cloning, restriction, transformation, cellular culture, extraction of DNA/RNA, etc.,)
  1. Basic skills in Microbiology
  2. Experience in Lyophilization
  3. Computer skills
  4. Fluent in English and Hebrew

This is a full-time position.

Location: Tel Aviv until end of 2020. Rehovot-Ashdod from 2021

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