Applied Materials is seeking for a Physicist

Applied materials Israel develop and produce metrology and process control systems to the semiconductors high tech industry. Applied materials systems are part of the manufacturing process of the semiconductors device.

  • The physics Technology department is part of a large multidiscipline Development division


28.01.18 Taliaz is seeking for a creative Bioinformatician

Taliaz is a start-up company developing a software as a service cloud product that performs objective analysis based on genetic, clinical and demographic features of each individual. Taliaz Predictix Antidepressant system supports doctors’ decision when tailoring the best antidepressant medication for individuals suffering from depression.

DouxMatok is Hiring!

DouxMatok is a VC funded Israeli food-tech start-up that developed a platform of proprietary Flavor Delivery Technology, with sugar-based sweeteners that provides a disruptive solution to the global quest for sugar reduction in people’s diets as leading products. DouxMatok offers the Food & Beverage industry a unique opportunity to
improve consumer health & wellness, while retaining the same taste profile. DouxMatok is seeking a talented, experienced & motivated VP R&D that will lead the company’s Chemical Research work as it progresses into it’s next phase of growth, of scale-up and commercialization.

Experimental R&D Physicist

As an experimental R&D physicist at Precise-Bio you will be designing, building and conducting experiments on the companies’ core technologies in the field of optics, laser matter interaction and hydrodynamics.
You will collaborate with hardware and software engineers to craft a breakthrough in 3D bio-printing, in a dynamic and exciting Startup company.

Senior algorithm engineer – simulators

As a senior algorithm engineer you will be responsible for the development of simulators of EyeWay augmented reality system and its components. You will be responsible for algorithms development cycle: from the early stages of definitions and planning, through the research stages, algorithm & solution design, implementation in code and unit testing. Your algorithms will become a cornerstone of EyeWay SDK logic.

Energy Storage Researcher

Developing synthetic approaches for preparing new cathode materials and cathode formulations for Li-ion batteries

Development of rapid screening methods for evaluating new materials

Performing structural and electrochemical characterization of electrode materials and the electrochemical cell.

Studying the degradation mechanisms of battery electrodes

Preforming data analysis and traceability

Organic Chemist

Designing and synthesizing novel organic molecules for the display team as well as for the energy storage team. Documentation of experiments and analysis of the results.

13.11.2017 Data Scientist in the field of Biotech

Job Description

We are acquiring large amounts of unique data on our experimental systems, and unveiling the hidden patterns in that data is an integral part of our research. We are looking for a talented and independent individual with hands-on machine learning experience and ability to learn new material and understand complex systems, to lead the data research on our data.

One very special thing about this position is the tight integration between the data analysis to the experimental team and methods that makes for a fascinating challenge.

13.11.2017 Postdoctoral Position at Columbia University Medical Center!

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Alberto Ciccia in the Department of Genetics and
Development at Columbia University Medical Center. The Ciccia laboratory is located in the state-of-the-art
Irving Cancer Research Center. The Ciccia laboratory studies the cellular pathways that maintain genomic
stability to prevent the development of breast and ovarian cancer (Taglialatela et al, Molecular Cell, 2017).
Furthermore, the Ciccia laboratory investigates the mechanisms of CRISPR-mediated gene editing and
develops novel CRISPR-dependent technologies (Billon et al, Molecular Cell, 2017; http://www.ciccialabdatabase.
com/istop). Information about current projects of the Ciccia laboratory can be found at http://!


A post-doctoral position is available at the Hoffman Lab at the Child Study Center and
Department of Neuroscience, Yale University, New Haven, CT USA.
The goal of our laboratory is to understand the function of genes involved in autism
spectrum disorders at the cellular, molecular, circuit, and behavioral levels using
zebrafish as a model system. Our laboratory has generated zebrafish mutants in
multiple autism risk genes using CRISPRs, which we are studying to understand how
loss of autism risk genes alters fundamental processes of vertebrate brain development
(Hoffman et al. 2016 Neuron).
The post-doctoral candidate will perform phenotypic analyses of multiple zebrafish
mutants of autism risk genes using a combination of molecular, cellular, and imaging