Research Scientist, Protein Engineering (PhD)  

We are seeking an experienced Research Scientist, Protein Engineering (PhD) to Emendo’s R&D Team.  
Our Research & Development team at EmendoBio is seeking a creative and motivated individual to share in our mission of building novel enzymes.  
EmendoBio is at the forefront of cutting-edge genetic medicine, developing genome editing technology to cure sever genetic diseases or disorders. 
We develop and leverage cutting edge technologies including strategic randomization to design, build and screen libraries to evolve proteins for the development of molecular tools and traits for the use in gene therapy. 

•    Design and develop methods and technologies in the laboratory to extend proprietary technologies. 
•    Perform and support experiments in protein engineering and directed evolution methods. 
•    Conduct experiments involving functional evaluation analysis. 
•    Construct libraries to be screen by the selection team. 
•    Familiarity with bioinformatics and sequence analysis software. 
Manage multiple workflows and activities, while interacting across multiple teams. 
•    Organize and adapt to a fast-paced, inter-connected research setting. 
•    Maintain expertise in the field by staying current to relevant literature and attending relevant conferences. 
•    Prepare documents and present project updates, results, and strategies to internal teams. 

•    PhD or equivalent degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, bioengineering or related discipline, 
•    preferably with previous experience in protein engineering and directed evolution methods (highly desired), 
•    biochemical assay development, PCR, cloning, library construction, recombinant protein expression and purification, DNA sequence and data analysis software.