Senior algorithm engineer – simulators


As a senior algorithm engineer you will be responsible for the development of simulators of EyeWay augmented reality system and its components. You will be responsible for algorithms development cycle: from the early stages of definitions and planning, through the research stages, algorithm & solution design, implementation in code and unit testing. Your algorithms will become a cornerstone of EyeWay SDK logic.


  • You will be responsible for creation of prototypes and electro-optics simulators
  • You will design non-linear fit and distortion compensators for projection systems.
  • You will create functional simulators and emulators throughout the system for various sensors, including positioning and 3D environment cameras.
  • You will develop heuristics and models for human machine interaction dynamics


  • Experience in algorithm prototyping in Matlab or equivalent- 5 or more years
  • Proficiency in multiple programming languages including C and C++.
  • Experience with non-linear mathematical algorithms
  • Experience with optics and optics design libraries like Goptical, Opus or similar
  • Experience with machine learning [Advantage]
  • Domain knowledge of human visual perception psychology [Advantage]
  • Knowledge of signal processing: Fast Fourier Transform, Kalman Filter, Phoneme Detection, etc. [Advantage]
  • Creative mind and inventive attitude
  • Excellent testing and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability and passion for perpetual learning
  • Scientific curiosity and drive for innovation
  • Very good communication skills



Please send your cv to