Senior Scientist Position, PhD level (November 2020)

Protein Chemistry Scientist with Cell Biology experience

Metabomed, a promising startup in Merck incubator center, seeks an enthusiastic, experienced Protein Chemistry Scientist with Cell Biology experience to join our R&D team in Yavne.  The position is for a hands-on senior scientist with a PhD in life science that will be responsible for conducting biological experiments as part of an effort to discover and develop new cancer therapeutics.

As a member of an interdisciplinary team, this individual will be expected to employ proteomics approaches to support target identification / deconvolution, target engagement, and mode-of-action (MOA) elucidation efforts in several drug discovery programs.

The ideal candidate would have extensive experience in various quantitative chemo-proteomics methods and data analysis in addition to experimental skills in biochemistry and cell biology.


Contribute to developing and implementing proteomic technologies to investigate target identification / deconvolution of small-molecule compounds identified from screens.

Perform cell-based proteome profiling studies to support target identification, target engagement, and mode-of-action (MOA) elucidation efforts in multiple drug discovery programs.

Design and execute experiments independently; accurately record, analyze and present results.

Contribute to the effective operation of the lab by sharing the responsibilities.

Collaborate with CROs and academic labs to compliment internal proteomic/chemical biology capabilities.


Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cell-biology, or related discipline with relevant experience.

Experience with chemical-affinity enrichment to selectively enrich proteins and chemical biology techniques using probes (covalent and/or photoaffinity).

Experiences with Stable isotope labeling with amino acids (SILAC) or other quantitative proteomics techniques is an advantage. 

Experience in isolating protein from complex biological samples and sample processing workflow for LC-MS analysis.

Experience in conducting, analyzing and interpreting LC-MS/MS proteomics data is an advantage.

Ability to plan and troubleshoot experiments independently.

Attention to detail and strong record-keeping skills.

Strong communication and collaboration skills.

Flexibility to rapidly adapt workplans to changing priorities and deadlines.

send you CV with the title "Senior Scientist Position 009"