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The phone numbers listed below are internal phone extensions.

  • To call or fax from outside Weizmann within Israel, dial 08-934-xxxx. If the extension starts with an 8, dial 08-937-8xxx.
  • To call or fax from abroad, dial +972-8-934-xxxx. If the extension starts with an 8, dial 972-8-937-8xxx.

Faculty Phone Email Research Area
Addadi, Lia 2228 
Biomineralization, Antibodies, Crystals, Cell Adhesion, Stereochemistry 
Aharonson, Oded 6961 
Planetary Science, Titan, Mars 
Anglister, Jacob 3394 
Protein Structure in Solution 
Averbukh, Ilya 3350 
Quantum Wave Packets, Light-Matter Interactions 
Bar Shir, Amnon  
Bar-Ziv, Roy 2069 
Artificial Biochemical Circuits 
Berkowitz, Brian 2098 
Bouchbinder, Eran 2605 
Nonequilibrium and statistical physics, materials physics 
Cahen, David 2246 
Chemistry of Optoelectronic Materials and Devices 
Dayan, Barak 2349 
Experimental quantum optics 
Diskin, Ron 6720 
Elbaum, Michael 3537 
Mechanics of Living Cells and Cycloskeleton 
Fass, Deborah 3214 
Retrovirus-Envelope and Membrane-Trafficking Proteins 
Frydman, Lucio 4903 
Solution phase, Solids and Microimaging NMR - New Methods and Applications 
Goldfarb, Daniella 2016 
Electron Spin Resonance, porous materials, metalloenzymes 
Gov, Nir 3323 
Theoretical Physics of Living Matter, Theory of Superfluid and Supersolid Helium 
Halevy, Itay 6987 
Biogeochemical cycles and their evolution 
Haran, Gilad 2625 
Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Imaging 
Hodes, Gary 2076 
Semiconductor Quantum Dot Films 
Horovitz, Amnon 3399 
Molecular Chaperones, Protein Folding and Allosteric Systems 
Joselevich, Ernesto 2350 
Nanoscale Materials Chemistry and Biophysics 
Karni, Jacob 3785 
Solar Energy 
Kaspi, Yohai 4238 
Geophysical fluid dynamics 
Klajn, Rafal 6567 
Chemistry at the nanoscale 
Klein, Jacob 3823 
Polymers, Complex Fluids, and Interfaces 
Koren, Ilan 2522 
Kronik, Leeor 4993 
Computational Materials Science 
Kurizki, Gershon 2365 
Quantum Optics, Physics of Cold Atoms & Quantum information 
Levy, Emmanuel 6715 
Levy, Koby 4587 
Theoretical and Computational Biophysics: Protein Folding, Binding and DNA Recognition 
Lubomirsky, Igor 2142 
Thin Dielectic Films 
Margulies, David 2668 
Bioorganic Chemistry, Bionanotechnology 
Martin, Gershom (Jan) 2533 
Computational Quantum Chemistry 
Milstein, David 2599 
Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis 
Minsky, Abraham 2003 
Organization and Survival Under Stress 
Naaman, Ron 2367 
Molecular Electronics 
Narevicius, Edvardas 2121 
Atomic and molecular physics 
Neumann, Ronny 3354 
Catalysis, "Green Chemistry" 
Pollak, Eli 2307 
Photoinduced molecular dynamics, real time quantum propagation, electron transfer 
Prior, Yehiam 4008 
Nonlinear Optics & Laser Spectroscopy 
Procaccia, Itamar 3810 
Nonlinear Physics, Hydrodynamic Turbulence, Physics of Fractals 
Rubinstein, Israel 2678 
Nanomaterials, Supramolecular chemistry, Electrochemistry 
Rudich, Yinon 4237 
Atmospheric Chemistry 
Rybtchinski, Boris 2172 
Organic self-assembly, utilization of solar energy 
Safran, Samuel 3362 
Complex Fluids 
Sagiv, Jacob 2309 
Supramolecular Architecture at Interfaces 
Shemesh, Aldo 3429 
Sheves, Mordechai 4320 
Molecular Mechanism for Function of Retinal Proteins 
Tal, Assaf 4951 
Prof. Lucio Frydman 
Tal, Oren 6536 
Electron transport through single molecule junctions 
Tannor, David 2094 
Quantum Dynamics of Light & Molecules 
Tenne, Reshef 2394 
Inorganic Fullerene-like Materials and Nanotubes 
van der Boom, Milko 2515 
Wagner, Daniel Hanoch 2594 
Mechanics of Composite Materials and Carbon Nanotubes 
Weiner, Stephen 2552 
Biomineralization, Archaeological Science 
Yakir, Dan 2549 
Plant-environment interactions, forest and desert ecology 
Yonath, Ada 3028 
Structural Basis of Ribosomal Function 

Professors Emeriti Phone Email Research Area
Alexandrowicz, Zeev 2142 
Simulation of Polymer Structures 
Bachi, Mario D. 2043 
Organic Synthesis, Radical Reactions, Medicinal Chemistry 
Burstein, Yigal 3817 
Thermophilic Enzymes, Biologically Active Peptides 
Fridkin, Matityahu 2505 
Biologically Active Peptides and Proteins 
Jagur-Grodzinski, Joseph 2649 
Polymer Science 
Krongauz, Valeri A. 2676 
Lahav, Meir 3908 
Supramolecular Chemistry 
Lapidot, Aviva 3413 
Biomedical Applications of EPR and NMR 
Leiserowitz, Leslie 3727 
Crystallography and Chemistry in 2D and 3D 
Levy, Moshe 2120 
Polymer Science, Solar Energy 
Luz, Zeev 2020 
Solid State & Liquid Crystal NMR 
Manassen, Joost 2384 
Patchornik, Abraham 2657 
Polymer Chemistry, Peptide Synthesis 
Shakked, Zippora 2672 
Structural Studies of DNA and Protein-DNA Interaction 
Shanzer, Abraham 3954 
Biomimetic Chemistry, Functional Assemblies 
Sussman, Joel 4531 
X-ray crystallography, Acetylcholinesterase, Bioinformatics, Enzymology, Halotolerant protein structure/function 
Trifonov, Edward 2653 
Genomics and evolution 
Vega, Shimon 2417 
Solid state NMR 

Faculty of Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science
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