Honors, Awards, and Promotions in 2011

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Last updated July 8, 2012. E.O.E.

   External Awards

  • Prof. Lia Addadi (Structural Biology): Awarded the Aminoff Prize for Crystallography by the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences
  • Prof. Brian Berkowitz (Environmental Sciences and Energy Research): Has been Named Oliver Endowed Lecturer in Hydrology, Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Prof. David Cahen (Materials and Interfaces):
    • Israel Chemical Society Prize for Excellence
    • Fellow of the American Vacuum Society
  • Prof. Daniella Goldfarb (Chemical Physics): Kolthoff Prize of the Technion
  • Prof. Jacob Klein (Materials and Interfaces):
    • Soft Matter and Biophysical Chemistry Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry
    • Elected as an "Honorary Member" of the Israel Polymers and Plastics Society
  • Prof. Leeor Kronik (Materials and Interfaces): ICS Outstanding Young Scientist Prize
  • Prof. Gershom (Jan) Martin (Organic Chemistry): Foreign Member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of Belgium
  • Prof. David Milstein (Organic Chemistry):
    • Recipient of a Meitner Humboldt Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
    • Delivered the 2011 Lewis Lecture at Cambridge University, UK
    • Invited to deliver the Ernest H. Swift Lecture at California Institute of Technology, USA
  • Prof. Ron Naaman (Chemical Physics): Recipient of the IVS (Israel Vacuum Society) Research Excellence Prize
  • Prof. Itamar Procaccia (Chemical Physics): Awarded the Gauss Professorship from the Academy of Science in Göttingen
  • Prof. Reshef Tenne (Materials and Interfaces):
    • Elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK
    • Elected as a Member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities
    • Invited to deliver the Prof. C.N.R. Rao Award Lecture of the 14th CRSI National Symposium in Chemistry, India
    • Folman Lecture, Technion
    • Recipient of a Plenary Speaker Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

   Internal Awards

   Promoted to Professor in 2011

  • Prof. Gilad Haran (Chemical Physics)
  • Prof. Aldo Shemesh (Environmental Science)

   Promoted to Associate Professor in 2011

  • Prof. Michael Bendikov (Organic Chemistry)
  • Prof. Ilan Koren (Environmental Science)

   Promoted to Senior Scientist in 2011

  • Dr. Rafal Klajn (Organic Chemistry)

   Joined the Faculty in 2011

  • Prof. Oded Aharonson (Environmental Science)
  • Dr. Yohai Caspi (Environmental Science)
  • Dr. Itay Halevy (Environmental Science)

   Student and Postdoctoral Awards

  • Ms. Keren Stimler (Environmental Science, Yakir group): ICS Prize for Outstanding Graduate Students
  • Dr. Noa Lachman (Materials and Interfaces, Wagner group): prize for best poster at the Deformation and Fracture of Composites (DFC-11) Conference which took place at Cambridge University.

   Institute-Level Administrative Appointments in 2011

  • Prof. Yigal Burstein (Organic Chemistry): Head, Division of Information Systems

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