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Thursday 30 April
Perlman Chemical Sciences Building
Chemical and Biological Physics Guest Seminar Professor Masahiro Yamashita [Info]

Chemical and Biological Physics Guest Seminar

Spintronics is a key technology in the 21st century. Although bulk magnets composed of transition metals are normally used, in our study, we use Single-Molecule Magnets (SMMs) to overcome “Moore`s Limitation”. For realizing the single-molecule memory device by using spin-polarized STM, we have succeeded to write and read the spin orientations of TbPc2 as up and down, respectively. For realizing the quantum computer, the spin Qubits and coherence at room temperature are very important. For this purpose, we synthesized monomer-Porphyrin V(IV) complex (0D) and MOF-Porphyrin V(IV) complexes (3D). The 3D complex shows Rabi nutation even at room temperature due to the rigid lattice of MOF. We have succceded the encapsulation of Metal Fulleren SMMs into SWCNT, which is new spintronics. Tohoku University