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Faculty staff

  • Meital Abayev

    Meital Abayev

    +972-89343781Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 651Department of Structural Biology
  • Amjaad Abu-Mokh

    Amjaad Abu-Mokh

    Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman BuildingDepartment of Structural Biology
  • Lia Addadi

    Lia Addadi

    +972-89342228Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 567Department of Structural Biology
  • Sean Adler

    Sean Adler

    The David Lopatie Hall of Graduate StudiesDepartment of Organic Chemistry
  • Gabriel Agar

    Gabriel Agar

    Perlman Chemical Sciences BuildingDepartment of Materials and Interfaces
  • Nidhi Aggarwal

    Nidhi Aggarwal

    Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 304Department of Materials and Interfaces
  • Oded Aharonson

    Oded Aharonson

    +972-89346961Sussman Family Building for Environmental Sciences, Room 121Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Matan Alayof

    Matan Alayof

    Sussman Family Building for Environmental SciencesDepartment of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Michael Aldam

    Michael Aldam

    +972-89346031Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 720Department of Chemical and Biological Physics
  • Zeev Alexandrowicz

    Zeev Alexandrowicz

    +972-89342142Department of Materials and Interfaces