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Faculty staff

Post-doctoral fellows and interns

  • Meital Abayev

    Meital Abayev

    +972-89343542Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 552Department of Structural Biology
  • Nidhi Aggarwal

    Nidhi Aggarwal

    +972-89346311Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 304Department of Materials and Interfaces
  • Euclides Almeida

    +972-89342245Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 704Department of Chemical Physics
  • Deepak Kumar Sinha Ambast

    Perlman Chemical Sciences BuildingDepartment of Chemical Physics
  • Yael Amitai

    Sussman Family Building for Environmental SciencesDepartment of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Idan Ashur

    +972-89344349Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 265Department of Organic Chemistry
  • Haim Aviram

    +972-89346279Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 601bDepartment of Chemical Physics
  • Gili Aviv

    Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman BuildingDepartment of Structural Biology
  • Ido Azuri

    +972-89343730Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 505aDepartment of Materials and Interfaces
  • Boudhayan Bandyopadhyay

    +972-89343399Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 508Department of Structural Biology