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Faculty staff

Scientific Staff

  • Hadas Cohen-Dvashi

    Hadas Cohen-Dvashi

    +972-89345160Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 505Department of Structural Biology
  • Tali Dadosh

    Tali Dadosh

    +972-89342563Isaac Wolfson Building, Room 104/2Department of Chemical Research Support
  • Yael Diskin Posner

    Yael Diskin Posner

    +972-89346182Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 105Department of Chemical Research Support
  • Ishai Dror

    Ishai Dror

    +972-89344230Sussman Family Building for Environmental Sciences, Room 107Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Irena Efremenko

    Irena Efremenko

    +972-89343680Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 262ADepartment of Organic Chemistry
  • David Ehre

    David Ehre

    Perlman Chemical Sciences BuildingDepartment of Materials and Interfaces
  • Nadav Elad

    Nadav Elad

    +972-89342115Isaac Wolfson Building, Room 112Department of Chemical Research Support
  • Akiva Feintuch

    Akiva Feintuch

    +972-89342756Perlman Chemical Sciences Building, Room 218Department of Chemical and Biological Physics
  • Yishay (Isai) Feldman

    Yishay (Isai) Feldman

    +972-89346041Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Building, Room 151, 154Department of Chemical Research Support
  • Moran Feller

    Moran Feller

    +972-89343102Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman BuildingDepartment of Organic Chemistry