News from the Goldfarb lab



Welcome Maria,

Maria Oranges from Bela Bode's group has joined as postdoc. Congratulations for being part of our dynamic team.


good news, good news

Congratulations to Daniella for being elected International EPR Society (IES) Fellow 2020 with David Britt.

Many congratulations also to our Angeliki for receiving the 2020 Albert-Overhauser Award of the GDCh Division of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) for her recent article 'Two closed ATP- and ADP-dependent conformations in yeast Hsp90 chaperone detected by Mn(II) EPR spectroscopic techniques'.  Time for double celebration.



We are happy to share our new publication in PNAS 'In-cell destabilization of a homodimeric protein complex detected by DEER spectroscopy'.  It highlights the potential of DEER for in-cell study of proteins as well as the complexities of the effects of the cellular milieu on protein structures and stability. Many congratulations to Yin and team.



We are back to buisness after Corona and Daniella is online with Lewis Kay on 4th June in a lecture series on "Emerging Topics in Biomolecular magnetic Resonance". Don't miss the exciting lecture on Mn(II) DEER to track two closed conformation in yeast HSP90.



Our Thorsten is on the way to be Dr. Thorsten. We are in a celebrating mood.


Congratulations to our Angeliki and team! Her work on HSP90 is in the news. Follow it on ynet and Weizmann Wonder Wander. Cheers!!