A package for installing SPEN in VNMRJ

The following script will install the multi-shot, multi-slice, multi-array SPEN method  on your VNMRJ system

download .zip file / download .7z file
System requirements: Linux 32 or 64 bits (64 bits recommended)
Software requirements: Agilent@VNMRJ3.2
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To install the package, use the terminal command ( sh /package directory/ ) then open VNMRJ

If no matlab MCR v82 is installed, the package need super-user permission to install the matlab MCR v82.

A package for installing xSPEN in VNMRJ

 The following package installs the single-shot cross-term spatiotemporal encoding (xSPENss) sequence, which supports multi-slicing, segment imaging, array imaging, diffusing etc

download .zip file / download .7z file

 System requirements: Linux 32 or 64 bits (64 bits recommended), Sequence was tested in VNMRJ3.2 and VNMJ4.0. For on-line processing, the sequence requires the matlab MCR v82, which should be downloaded from MATLAB website during the installation with root permit.

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A package for installing SPEN in Bruker Paravision 5.1

This package contains a SPEN method developed for Bruker MRI systems. The method
includes single-shot single-slice SPEN, multi-slice SPEN and RASER. Diffusion and
CEST1 weighting can be added while high-resolution imaging can be performed using interleav-
ing/segmented acquisition. An online reconstruction takes care of the acquired data and display

the images and ADC maps directly in Bruker Paravision.

download .zip file  / download .7z file



A Matlab package for running the PRO-SLAM reconstruction of 13C CSI data 

This package includes matlab script files required to run the PRO-SLAM reconstruction on CSI datasets acquired in Bruker magnets. Make sure that all these files are in the Matlab path before executing the main script.

download .zip file



SPEN  method  on  Bruker  Paravision  6.0x

This package contains a fully T2* refocused version of the SPEN method based on a 180° chirp pulse developed for Bruker MRI systems running Paravision 6.0 on Avance III/IIIHD systems. The method allows single-shot or interleaved/segmented acquisition with single-slice, multi-slice 2D or 3D phase encoded acquisitions, diffusion encoding, CEST weighting, and multi echo acquisitions. The sequences work – but of course, as usual, use is the operator’s responsibility


User instructions CentOS 5 package CentOS 7 package

Contact: Maxime Yon


Matlab package for the reconstruction of SPEN data acquired on Siemens scanners

This package is intended for immediate processing of data acquired on Siemens Prisma 3T scanner, but should be applicable to data acquired on any other scanner with appropriate modifications of the pipeline's data reading and ordering blocks.

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download sample data