We have demonstrated the substantial brightening of molecular beams by suppression of skimmer interference. 


Y. Segev, N. Bibelnik, N. Akerman, Y. Shagam, A. Luski, M. Karpov, J. Narevicius, E. Narevicius, "Molecular beam brightening by shock-wave suppression", arXiv:1607.04844 (2016)



We have observed the appearance of quantum resonances by changing the rotational state of a molecule. 


A. Klein, Y. Shagam, W. Skomorowski, P.S. Zuchowski, M. Pawlak, L.M.C. Janssen, N. Moiseyev, S.Y.T. van de Meerakker, A. van der Avoird, C.P. Koch, E. Narevicius, "Direct probe of anisotropy in atom-molecule collisions via quantum scattering resonances", arXiv:1606.04384 (2016)



Our study of the molecular quantum rotor in low temperature reactions appeared online.


Y. Shagam, A. Klein, W. Skomorowski, R. Yun, V. Averbukh, C. Koch and E. Narevicius, "Molecular hydrogen interacts more strongly when rotationally excited at low temperatures leading to faster reactions", Nature Chem. 7 (11) 921, 2015, [DOI:10.1038/nchem.2359]



Our paper on the simultaneous deceleration of oxygen molecules and metastable argon appeared online.


N. Akerman, M. Karpov, L. David, E. Lavert-Ofir, J. Narevicius and E. Narevicius, "Simultaneous deceleration of atoms and molecules in a supersonic beam", New Journal of Physics 17, 065015 (2015), [DOI:10.1038/nchem.1857]