Theory Excellence Center

Eran Bouchbinder, Coordinator

The theory excellence center supports activities that promote the theoretical and computational science in the Chemistry faculty. The center aims particularly at supporting activities that will have an impact on the intellectual atmosphere of more than one group and on exposing young people, i.e. students and postdocs, to the relevant science being done in the theoretical and computational groups in the Chemistry faculty, and elsewhere in the world.

The Center’s members

Ilya Averbukh 
Eran Bouchbinder
Nir Gov 
Leeor Kronik 
Gershon Kurizki 
Koby Levy 
Nir London 
Gershom (Jan) Martin 
Eli Pollak 
Itamar Procaccia 
Samuel Safran 
David Tannor



  • Theory Seminar” given by Prof. Jörn Manz (Shanxi University, China & Freie Universität Berlin, Germany), October 2015.
  • Supporting Soft-Matter and Biophysics students’ seminar planned during 2016.
  • Supporting an international conference on “Dynamics of spatially-extended frictional interfaces”, November 2016.
  • Sabbatical guest: Professor Ilya Rips (Holon Institute of Technology, Israel),  April – September, 2016.
  • Sabbatical guest: Professor Donald J. Kouri (University of Houston, USA),  October – November, 2016.
  • Sabbatical guest: Doctor Julius Jellinek (Argonne National Laboratory, USA),  Fall 2016 – Spring 2017.
  • Sabbatical guest: Professor Alexander E. Kaplan (John Hopkins University, USA),  Fall 2016 – Spring 2017.