Ultrafast technology and multiphoton microscopy techniques

We are pursuing sereval research efforts under this topic. The first the use of coherent nonlinear imaging as a spectroscopic tool for elucidating the properties of organic and inorganic nanocrystals and nanostructures.

A second effort is aimed at utilizing spatiotemporal control of optical fields, and the phenomenon of temporal focusing to spatially control widefield multiphoton excitation patterns. We have recently utilized this to perform photoactivation of a single neuron deep inside scattering tissue. Dan's Photonics West 'hot topic' talk on this subject is available using this link.

Last, we are working on developing new fiber-based light sources for multiphoton microscopy, on the development of new techniques for highly sensitive coherent Raman spectroscopy (especially in the low frequency regime) and on new endoscopy modalities using optical fibers and fiber bundles.

Recent publications

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