Experimental Groups

Overview - Theoretical Groups

Atomic Optics
Nir Davidson

Bio Complexity: Membranes, Muscles and Patterns
Elisha Moses

Nonlinear Physics and Fluid Dynamics Lab
Victor Steinberg

Dan Oron

Dan Oron

Optical Science: Holography, Processing and Devices
A.A. Friesem

Strong field light matter interaction and attosecond physics
Nirit Dudovich

Ultrafast Optics
Yaron Silberberg

Physics of Biomolecules & Biosystems
Joel Stavans

Roee Ozeri

Trapped Ions
Roee Ozeri


The collective behavior of ants
Ofer Feinerman


Quantum Nonlinear Optics
Ofer Firstenberg


Geometry and Light
Ulf Leonhardt