Department of Condensed Matter

Ehud Altman

  Title: Senior Scientist
  Tel: +972-8-934-6157
  Fax: +972-8-934-4477
  Building: K.B. Weissman
  Room: L-13
Ehud Altman

 Research Interests:

Quantum phases of matter are well understood as long as they are perturbatively connected to systems of non interacting particles (Fermions or Bosons) or to states that possess simple order, such as ferromagnets or even antiferromagnets. I am interested in systems, where because of strong interactions, these known paradigms fail and one is forced to search for a different starting point for theoretical investigation. This might mean that the system has a simple description only in terms of "particles" or other objects, which are very different from the microscopic constituents (i.e. electrons, ions etc).

Because the route leading from the microscopic Hamiltonian to the appropriate effective description is highly non trivial, striking effects are often not anticipated, and the field continues to produce exciting experimental surprises.

My research in this area includes:

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