Department of Condensed Matter

Ady Stern
  Title: Professor
  Tel: +972-8-934-2502
  Fax: +972-8-946-5110
  Building: Weissman
  Room: P319
Adi Stern

 Research Interests:

I am interested in quantum phenomena in electronic systems in which electron-electron interaction plays an important role. In the last few years most of my research activity focused on the theory of the fractional quantum Hall effect, mostly using the Chern-Simons composite fermion approach. I am interested both in purely theoretical aspects of this approach, such as its interpretation in terms of quasi-particles whose electric charge and electric dipole moment vary with magnetic field, and in the use of the approach to analyze experiments, such as Coulomb drag and propagation of acoustic waves.

My interest in the quantum Hall effect has led me to study other two dimensional systems, such as low density systems in which electron-electron interaction plays a pronounced role, and bi-layer systems at zero magnetic field. Recently I started studying also the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes, with the goal of understanding how transport is affected by interactions in these systems.

I find these one- and two-dimensional systems a fascinating combination of all the interesting ingredients of condensed matter physics: quantum mechanics, electron-electron interaction, order and disorder.