Motivating the next generation of scientists to search for new approaches towards efficient, low cost and clean energy resources

In the past few years the energy problem has returned to the limelight, for the first time since 1979-1982, and it appears likely that there will be significantly increased support for research1 in the foreseeable future. However, we are faced with a very serious deficit of energy science-oriented researchers both in the core disciplines, as well as in interdisciplinary ones. Indeed, many think that a major problem in meeting the above-mentioned global challenge is the paucity of top scientists pursuing energy-related problems in their research.

This phenomenon is not at all surprising after 2.5 decades of benign and not so benign neglect, especially in Israel, but definitely not only here. The result is that today we are left with a very limited core of experienced researchers to train a new generation and a lack of awareness of the opportunities that research in alternative energy sources presents, among the students that will make up this new generation.

In this seminar we aim primarily at this last problem, while, at the same time, we want to explore new approaches and ideas for alternative energy sources, energy storage and conservation. We aim at providing those of Israel´┐Żs best and brightest finishing PhD students in the relevant disciplines with basic background about the issues at hand and allow them to form their own opinions about directions for fruitful avenues of research for possible new alternative energy approaches. In this way we hope to help in creating a new cadre of energy researchers.

The workshop on Alternative, Sustainable Energy Options will be held between 2-6 September, 2007, in Mitzpeh Hayamim in Eastern Galilee.

Meetings will begin on Sunday morning and run through Thursday afternoon.
1As distinct from technological development