Presenter Abstract Title Session
Dr. Veronica  Ahufinger Soliton-based matter wave interferometer 1
Dr. Kiyotaka Aikawa Collisional stability of strongly magnetic Feshbach molecules of erbium 1
Dr. Brandon Anderson Bosons with Synthetic Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling at Finite Power 1
Prof. Mauro Antezza Dynamics of an elementary quantum system in environments out of thermal equilibrium   1
Prof. Jan Arlt Non-destructive Faraday imaging of dynamically controlled ultracold atoms  1
Mr. Jogundas Armaitis Magnetization relaxation and geometric forces in a Bose ferromagnet 1
Dr. Grigory Astrakharchik Phase diagram of quasi-two-dimensional bosons in laser speckle potential 1
 Ronen Vosk Dynamical quantum phase transitions in random spin chains 1
Ms. Yasaman Bahri Symmetry and localization protected quantum coherence at the edge of 'hot' matter 1
Dr. Mikhail Baranov Majorana fermions in atomic wire networks and topologically protected realization of the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm. 1
Prof. George Batrouni Competing supersolid and Haldane insulator phases in the 1d extended bosonic Hubbard model 1
Dr. Kristian Baumann Quantum degenerate gases of dysprosium 1
Dr. Stefan Baur Interacting fermions in flux lattices: Ferromagnetism and nematic ordering 1
Mr. Tarik Berrada Integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer for Bose-Einstein condensates 1
Dr. Gianluca Bertaina Quantum Monte Carlo Study of a Resonant Bose-Fermi Mixture 1
Prof. Nicholas Bigelow Creation of complex spin and vortex textures in a BEC 1
Prof. Gerhard Birkl Multi-site manipulation of more than 50 single-atom qubits in a 2D quantum register 1
Dr. abdelaali Boudjemaa Two-dimensional dipolar Bose gas with the roton-maxon excitation spectrum 1
Prof. Georg Bruun Dipolar fermions in 1D and 2D geometries 1
Prof. Sylvain Capponi Symmetry-protected topological phases of alkaline-earth cold fermionic atoms in one dimension 1
Dr. Yvan Castin Third virial coefficient of the unitary Bose gas 1
Dr. Alessio Celi Synthetic gravitino and Velo-Zwanzinger paradox in optical lattices 1
Dr. Marko Cetina Strong Atom-Dimer Attraction in a Mass-Imbalanced Fermi-Fermi Mixture 1
Dr. Marc Cheneau Spatial ordering in a two-dimensional Rydberg gas 1
Dr. Roberta Citro Slow quench of an interacting one-­dimensional Bose­ gas 1
Dr. Simon Cornish The creation of ultracold RbCs molecules 1
Dr. Charles Creffield Synthetic gauge potentials for cold atoms by periodic driving 1
Prof. Andrew Daley Spontaneous emissions and thermalisation of cold bosons in optical lattices 1
Dr. marcello dalmonte Abelian and non-Abelian Dynamical gauge fields in cold atomic gases 1
Dr. Benjamin Deissler Towards ultracold fermions in a 2D honeycomb lattice 1
Prof. Sebastian Diehl Dynamical Critical Phenomena in Driven-Dissipative Many-Body Systems 1
Dr. Tobias Donner Experiments on cavity QED with quantum gases: From driven-dissipative phase transitions to glassy states of matter 1
Dr. Stephan Duerr Effective Interaction between Light Pulses based on Storage in a Bose-Einstein Condensate 1
Dr. Omjyoti Dutta Topological insulators in dynamically generated lattices 1
Dr. Andre Eckardt- MPI Dynamically creating artificial gauge fields in optical lattices  1
Prof. Peter Engels Quantum quenches and spin dynamics in spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates 1
Dr. Gabriele Ferrari spontaneous nucleation of solitons via the Kibble-Zurek mechanism in Bose-Einstein condensates 1
Dr. Andrea Fischer BCS-BEC crossover in a quasi-two-dimensional Fermi gas  1
Prof. Michael Fleischhauer Wigner crystallization of photons by light storage in cold Rydberg ensembles 1
Dr. Simon Gardiner U(1) Gauge Invariant Self-Consistent Condensate and Non-Condensate Dynamics at Zero and Finite Temperature 1
Dr. Olga Goulko- Ludwig Spin drag of a Fermi gas in a harmonic trap 1
Dr. Tobias Grass Quantum Hall states of Two-Component Bosons 1
Dr. Charles Grenier Probing thermoelectric transport with cold atoms 1
Dr. Andrew Grier Lifetime of the Resonant Bose Gas 1
Dr. Axel Griesmaier Trapping ultra-cold Dysprosium atoms 1
Dr. Christian Gross From Magnons to Polarons in 1D optical lattices. 1
Dr. Muntsa Guilleumas Unveiling the long range character of the dipolar interaction in Bose-Einstein condensates 1
Dr. Elmar Haller Towards single-atom-resolved detection and manipulation of strongly correlated fermions in an optical lattice 2
Dr. Philipp Hauke Dissipative protection of gauge-invariance for non-Abelian lattice gauge theories 2
Mr. Thai Hoang Dynamic stabilization of a many-body spin system 2
Dr. Maarten Hoogerland Delta-kicked rotor experiments with an all-optical BEC 2
Dr. Bruno Julia Diaz Engineering p-wave interactions in ultracold atoms using nanoplasmonic traps 2
Prof. Gediminas Juzeliunas Spin-orbit coupling for ultra cold atoms without light 2
Mr. Adam Kaufman Experiments with single atoms laser-cooled to their 3D ground state in an optical tweezer 2
Prof. Thomas Killian Coherent Single-Color Photoassociation in a Bose-Einstein Condensate 2
Prof. Dong-Hee Kim Phase diagram of exotic superfluidity of trapped Fermi gases in the 1D-3D crossover: a real-space dynamical mean-field study 2
Dr. Jan Klaers From canonical to grand canonical ensemble conditions in a photon Bose-Einstein condensate 2
Dr. Carsten Klempt Fock states and Twin Fock states for atom interferometry 2
Prof. Michael Koehl Spin dynamics in ultracold Fermi gases 2
Dr. Servaas Kokkelmans Excitation blockade in periodic Rydberg structures 2
Dr. Michael Kolodrubetz Measuring and characterizing the quantum metric tensor 2
Dr. Giacomo Lamporesi Spontaneous nucleation of solitons via the Kibble-Zurek mechanism in Bose-Einstein condensates 2
Dr. manuele landini Experimental studies on a tunable Bose-Einstein condensate: Efimov states and disorder physics 2
Dr. Jonas Larson Phonons in dipolar gases in optical lattices 2
Dr. Jesper Levinsen Atom-dimer attraction in a mass-imbalanced Fermi mixture 2
Prof. Maciej Lewenstein Simulating gauge theories with ultracold atoms 2
Dr. Xavier Leyronas Condensation energy of a spin-1/2 strongly interacting Fermi gas 2
Dr. Xia-Ji LIU Spin-Orbit-Coupled Ultracold Atomic Gases  2
Dr. Carlos Lobo Electron-phonon quantum simulator with Fermi mixtures 2
Dr. Thomas Lompe Deterministic Control of Two Fermions in a Double-Well Potential 2
Dr. Eleonora Lucioni Quantum phases of disordered bosons in one dimension 2
Mr. Philip Makotyn What happens when you take a BEC to unitarity? 2
Mr. G. Edward Marti Collective and topological excitations in a spinor condensate 2
Dr. Pietro Massignan Synthetic gauge fields in synthetic dimensions 2
Prof. Ludwig Mathey Real time renormalization group approach to dissipative dynamics 2
Dr. Natalia Matveeva The impurity problem of a dipolar bilayer Fermi system. 2
Ms. Karina Merloti Collective modes in a 2D superfluid 2
Dr. Anna Minguzzi Universal contact for a Tonks-Girardeau gas at finite temperature 2
Prof. Arianna Montorsi Hidden order beneath gapped phases of 1D fermionic systems 2
 Jonathan Ruhman Magnetism and liquid crystal phases in two-dimensional Fermi-gasses with spin-orbit coupling 2
Dr. Mikko Mottonen Creation of Dirac monopoles in spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates 2
Prof. Hanns-Christoph Nigerl Quench dynamics in strongly correlated Bose-Hubbard chains 2
Prof. Yusuke Nishida SU(3) orbital Kondo effect with ultracold atoms 2
Prof. Maxim Olshanii Geometry of Quantum Observables, the Integrability-Ergodicity Transition, and Thermodynamics of Near-Integrable Systems 2
Dr. Giuliano Orso Anderson localization of bound states in quasi-periodic optical lattices 2
Dr. David Papoular Dipolar-Induced Resonance for Ultracold Bosons in a Quasi-1D Optical Lattice 2
Dr. Meera Parish Stripes and crystalline phases in low-dimensional dipolar gases 2
Mr. Jee Woo Park Creating Fermionic Ground State Molecules of 23Na40K with Strong Dipolar Interactions 2
Dr. Axel Pelster Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates in Weak Anisotropic Disorder 2
Dr. Daniel Pertot Local Probing of Ultracold Fermions in an Optical lattice 2
Mr. David Peter Driving Dipolar Fermions into the Quantum Hall Regime by Spin-Flip Induced Insertion of Angular Momentum 2
Dr. Susanne Pielawa Numerical evidence for a novel superfluid insulator transition of one dimensional bosons in strong disorder 2
Ms. Fernanda Pinheiro XYZ quantum Heisenberg models with p-orbital bosons 2
Mr. Hernan Pino Hall response of interacting bosonic atoms in strong gauge fields: from condensed to FQH states 2
Dr. Ludovic pricoupenko The many-boson problem in the resonant regime : the R$^\star$ phase issue 2
Prof. Nick Proukakis Competing Kinetics and Phase Separation of Trapped Two-Component Condensates  2
Prof. Ehud Altman Absence of algebraic order in driven 2d condensates 3
Dr. Armin Rahmani  Cooling through optimal control of quantum evolution  3
Prof. Ernst Rasel Interferometry with Bose-Einstein condensates in microgravity 3
Dr. Zoran Ristivojevic Superfluid-insulator transition of interacting disordered bosons in one dimension 3
Prof. Matteo Rizzi Superfluidity of Dipolar Fermi Gases with Spin-Orbit Coupling 3
Dr. Marco Roncaglia Hidden orders beneath the gapped phases of low-dimensional fermionic systems 3
Dr. Tommaso Roscilde Absolute thermometry and adiabatic cooling via optical lattice shaking 3
Prof. Janne Ruostekoski Topological Interface Engineering and Defect Crossing in Ultracold Atomic Gases 3
Prof. Kazimierz Rzazewski Ground state of dipolar fermi gas in a harmonic potential 3
Dr. Alejandro Saenz Making molecules with anharmonic confinement 3
Dr. Yoav Sagi Probing homogeneous quantities in a strongly interacting Fermi gas 3
Dr. Naoyuki Sakumichi Lee-Yang Cluster Expansion Study of BCS-BEC crossover 3
Prof. Luis Santos New scenarios for cold gases in optical lattices: zig-zag lattices, periodically-modulated interactions, and topological transitions in superlattice bosons  3
Dr. Roman Schmied Quantum Metrology and Tomography with Bose-Einstein Condensates 3
Prof. Klaus Sengstock Magnetism without magnetism 3
Ms. Ruth Shewmon Tests of universal three-body physics in a Bose-Fermi mixture 3
Prof. Georgy Shlyapnikov Many-body localization-delocalization transition of finite temperature bosons in 1D quasiperiodic potential 3
Prof. Andrei Sidorov Precision measurement of ultracold scattering properties in 87Rb 3
Dr. Robert Smith A superheated Bose-condensed gas 3
Prof. Sandro Stringari Superstripes and Supercurrents in Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose-Einstein condensed gases  3
Dr. Gergely Szirmai Damping of polariton modes of Bose-Einstein condensates in an optical cavity 3
Prof. Yoshiro Takahashi quantum simulation using ultracold ytterbium atoms in an optical lattice 3
Dr. Leticia Tarruell Short-range quantum magnetism of ultracold fermions in an optical lattice 3
Prof. Paivi Torma Pairing in mixed-geometry lattices, and dynamics of fermionic impurities in one dimension 3
Prof. Masahito Ueda Standard and non-standard first-order phase transition in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates 3
Mr. Thomas Uehlinger Artificial graphene with tunable interactions 3
Prof. Chris Vale Local emergence of the Bose mode in a unitary Fermi gas 3
Dr. Manuel Valiente Non-Galilean response of Rashba coupled Fermi gases 3
Prof. Peter van der Straten Spin Drag in a Bose Gas 3
Dr. N.J. (Klaasjan) van Druten Experiments on superradiance of elongated Bose-Einstein condensates on an atom chip 3
Dr. Wolf von Klitzing A novel, ultra-bright atom-laser and ultra-cold thermal atom beam 3
Dr. Lei Wang Simulating dynamics and topological phases of cold fermionic gases 3
Mr. Tout Wang Ultracold Chemistry with Light Alkali Molecules 3
Dr. Hendrik Weimer Binding by dissipation 3
Dr. Christoph Weiss Entangling two distinguishable matter-wave bright solitons via collisions 3
Dr. Sebastian Will Towards Chemically Stable Fermionic Ground State Molecules of NaK 3
Prof. Patrick  Windpassinger Simulating magnetism in triangular optical lattices 3
Dr. Vladimir Yurovsky Permutation-symmetry-related conserved physical observables in cold atom gases 3
Dr. Matteo Zaccanti Strongly interacting Fermi gases: the new Lithium apparatus at LENS 3
Prof. Jakub Zakrzewski Dynamics of atoms in time-dependent optical lattices 3
Prof. Gergely Zarand Stabilizing Skyrmions by a Mott insulator 3
Prof. Eugene Zaremba Persistent Currents in Bosonic Mixtures in the Ring Geometry 3
Dr. Alessandro Zenesini The rovibronic ground state of NaK molecules. Experiment and theory 3
Prof. peng zhang The scattering between ultracold atoms with spin-orbit coupling 3
Prof. Qi Zhou Taming long-range and quasi-long-rang order using spin-orbit coupling  3
Dr. Mikhail Zvonarev Dynamics of quantum particles in one-dimensional quantum liquids 3