Meeting of BioNMR : February 26th - 27th 2012, Weizmann Institute, Israel


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Lucio Frydman
Tel: 972-8-9344903

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NMR for Structural Biology
Project number: 261863


Objectives of this Bio-Meeting include:
To expand the capabilities of high-resolution solid-state NMR using Gyrotron-enhanced methodologies
To explore the potential of liquid-state Dynamic Nuclear Polarization approaches in contemporary Structural Biology NMR research
To enhance NMR’s sensitivity by developing new fast alternatives to the acquisition of liquid-state multidimensional Bio-NMR data
To develop a new suite of experiments and of data processing algorithms, capable of bypassing Nyquist stringent sampling criteria and delivering the most efficient way of very rapidly collecting and efficiently processing hyperdimensional (~ 4-6D) solution NMR spectra of high quality and Structural Biology impact
To extend the significant achievements obtained over the last few years in terms of sensitivity-enhanced biomolecular nD-NMR in liquids, to high-resolution solid-state NMR investigations
To establish different cellular systems for in-cell NMR spectroscopy
To enhance the sensitivity of in-cell NMR experiments
To establish in-cell NMR protocols for the investigation of different biological macromolecules
To develop NMR techniques for in-cell NMR
To develop protocols for solid state in-cell NMR
To implement the innovations for the benefit of the users and to disseminate the results to the scientific community at large


Jacob Anglister    Weizmann Institute of Science
Ivano Bertini    University of Florence
Bernhard Brutscher    IBS/LRMN Grenoble
Volker Doetsch    University of Frankfurt
Frank Engelke    Bruker Biospin
Isabella Felli    University of Florence
Clemens Glaubitz    University of Frankfurt
Christian Griesinger    MPI Göttingen
Eline Koers    Utrecht University
Wiktor Koźmiński    University of Warsaw
Greg Olsen    Weizmann Institute of Science
Vladislav Orekhov    Götteborg University
Hartmut Oschkinat    FMP Berlin
Giacomo Parigi    CERM, University of Florence
Harald Schwalbe    University of Frankfurt
Shimon Vega    Weizmann Institute of Science


The meeting will be hosted at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. Talk will be held in the David Lopatie Conference Centre and Schmidt Lecture Hall.


Directions to the Institute can be found here.
The map below shows the location of the Institute:

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