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The Program of the Conference

Sunday, June 4, 2006
(Sunday sessions will take place in Ma’agan Holiday Village)


Registration and Distribution of Conference Material
Light Lunch
Opening Remarks
Hall 6

Kinneret Mini-Session:
Convener: Zvi Garfunkel
13:15-13:35 Z Ben-Avraham, The structure of the Sea of Galilee from geophysical data
13:35-14:05 J. Claerbout, (INVITED) Estimating an image of Galilee
14:05-14:15  Short Break

Deformation, Faults, Earthquakes and Waves
Convener: Y. Ben–Zion
14:15-14:20 Introduction
14:20-14:50 J. Fineberg, (INVITED) Detachment waves and the onset of frictional slip
14:50-15:20 P.M. Mai, G. Hillers, J. Ripperger, J.P. Ampuero, (INVITED) Source-scaling and near-source ground-motion in the presence of earthquake rupture complexity
15:20-15:40 V. Lyakhovsky and Y. Ben-Zion, Modeling of Fault Evolution, Seismicity Patterns and Strain Partitioning
15:40-16:10 Coffee Break
16:10-16:30 C. Scholz, Earthquake “Storms”: Triggering and Phase Locking
16:30-16:50 J.P. Ampuero, Rupture nucleation, propagation and arrest along bimaterial faults
16:50-17:10 M. Holschneider, Modeling of surface wave dispersion and polarization in wavelet domain
17:10-17:30 S.A. Miller, Omori’s law and fluid-driven aftershocks: a non-linear diffusion process
17:30-17:50 G.J Funning, R. Burgmann, A. Ferretti and F. Novali, How locked is the Hayward fault? Evidence from space geodesy
17:50-18:10 G. King, Seismic activity in the Sumatra-java region prior to the December 26, 2004 (Mw=9.0-9.3) and march 28, 2005 (Mw=8.7) earthquakes
18:10-18:30 K. Regenauer-Lieb and D. Yuen, Thermo-mechanics of brittle-ductile feedback: implications for plate tectonics and earthquakes
19:00 Welcome BBQ Dinner + ice-breaker
Ma’agan Pool

(Monday-Thursday sessions will take place in Beit Gabriel)

Monday, June 5, 2006

Session in Honor of V. Keilis-Borok-Mathematical Aspects of Geohazard Research
Theatre Hall
Convener: A. Ismail-Zadeh 
08:30-08:50 Introduction + speeches
08:50-09:20 V. Keilis-Borok and A. Soloviev, (INVITED) Earthquakes prediction: “the paradox of want amidst plenty”
09:20-09:50 B. D. Malamud, D. L. Turcotte, F. Guzzetti,
P. Reichenbach, (INVITED) Landslides, earthquakes and erosion
09:50-10:10 A. Nur, J. Dvorkin and L. Soutter, A different view on earthquake instability, stopping and migration.
10:10-10:30 Zvelebil J. and M. Paluš. Some applications of nonlinear dynamics in rock fall risk assessment and early warnings
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:30 M. Ghil, (INVITED) Coupling in earth systems: solids, fluids and economics
11:30-11:50 V. K. Gusiakov, An integrated tsunami research and information system: application for mapping of tsunami hazard
11:50-12:10 S. V. Sobolev, A. Y. Babeyko and R. Galas, GPS-shield concept for a local tsunami early warning system
12:10-12:30 L. Eppelbaum, B. Khesin and S. Itkis. Modern geophysical methodologies as reliable tool for reducing risk of archaeological heritage destruction
12:30-14:45 Lunch + Poster Session

Earth System Feedbacks
Convener: H. Gildor
14:45-14:50 Introduction
14:50-15:20 D.H. Rothman and D. Forney, (INVITED) Temporal scaling of respiration in earth’s carbon cycle
15:20-15:50 C. Pasquero, (INVITED) Diapycnal and isopycnal transport of biochemical tracers in the marine ecosystems
15:50-16:20 R. Murtugudde, (INVITED) Biological controls on the annual cycle and ENSO phase-locking
16:20-16:50 Coffee Break
16:50-17:10   A.B. Murray and M. Kirwan, Vegetation-morphology feedbacks in tidal-channel and marsh systems: numerical modeling of long-term evolution
17:10-17:30 F. de Ridder, A. de Brauwere, D. Paillard, R. Pintelon and
F. Dehairs, Identification of the time base of ice volume record
17:30-17:50 M. Abelson, A. Agnon, A. Almogi-Labin, Control of the Iceland plume on global Oligocene cooling and Antarctic glaciation
17:50-18:10 I.M. Radjawane, A. Susandi and A. Subki, Preliminary study on calculation and prediction of the sea-air CO2 exchange in Indonesian waters
18:10-18:30 J. Emile-Geay, R. Seager, M.A. Cane, E.R. Cook and G. Haug, The volcanic eruption of 1258 a.d. and the subsequent ENSO event
19:00 Dinner
Ma’agan Dining room

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Frontiers in Computational and Analytical Techniques
Theatre Hall
Conveners: M. Spiegelman, D. Yuen and E. Heifetz
08:30-08:35 Introduction
08:35-09:15 D.G. Dritschel and C.V. Tran, (INVITED) Vanishing enstrophy dissipation in two-dimensional Navier-Stokes turbulence in the inviscid limit
09:15-09:35 N. Paldor, Some unexpected consequences of the "rigid lid" approximation
09:35-09:55 M. Orkan Umurhan A weakly nonlinear analysis of the magnetorotational instability
09:55-10:15 F. Malan, A. Ilchev, and R. Sewjee, Material point method modeling with damage rheology
10:15-10:35 R.E. Cohen and X. Sha, Theory of iron at high pressure and temperatures
10:35-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-11:50 L. Moresi, D. May, V. Lemiale, S. Quenette and H. Muhlhaus, (INVITED) Plate scale geodynamics - an overview of the computational challenges
11:50-12:10 S. Quenette, B. Appelbe, P. Sunter, L. Hodkinson, A. Lo, R. Hassan, K. Humble and L. Moresi, A roles-based approach to enabling multi-scale, multi-physics computational geophysics codes
12:10-12:30 D. Kosloff, H. Tal-Ezer, A. Bartana, E. Ragoza and A. Shabelansky, A new scheme for solving the Helmholtz equation by stepping in the depth domain
12:30-12:50 C. Tape, Q. Liu and J. Tromp, Toward 3d seismic tomography based upon adjoint methods
12:50-13:10 V.P. Dimri, R.P. Srivastava and N. Vedanti, Optimum design of potential field survey network using fractals
13:30 Half-Day Tour (including dinner)

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Coupled Fluids-Solid Systems
Theatre Hall
Convener: D. Bercovici
08:30-08:35 Introduction 
08:35-09:15 T. Halsey, (INVITED) Diagenesis of Sedimentary Rocks
09:15-09:35 R. Katsman, E. Aharonov, and H. Scher, Localized compaction in rocks: numerical and analytical approaches
09:35-09:55   R. Toussaint, D. Koehn, J. Schmittbuhl, F. Renard, and J.P. Gratier, Modeling stylolite formation: control of the quenched disorder, elastic forces and surface tension over the morphology
09:55-10:15 E. Shalev, V. Lyakhovsky, and Y. Yechieli, Salt dissolution and sinkhole formation along the Dead Sea shore
10:15-10:35 H. Scher and B. Berkowitz. Anomalous transport in geological formations: theory and observations
10:35-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-11:50 A. Rempel, (INVITED) The mechanics of melting
11:50-12:10 S. Emmanuel and B. Berkowitz, Modeling seafloor hydrothermal convection: incorporating effects of geochemical reactions and phase separation
12:10-12:30 A.E. Lobkovsky, B. Smith, A. Kudrolli, D.C. Mohrig, and D.H. Rothman Erosive dynamics of channels incised by subsurface water flow
12:30-12:50  E.G. Flekkoy, Pattern formation in gas-grain systems
12:50-15:15 Lunch + Poster Session

Fire in Rocks
Convener: O. Navon
15:15-15:20 Introduction
15:20-16:00 O. Melnik, A. Barmin and S. Sparks, (INVITED) Application of fluid mechanics to modelling of volcanic flows
16:00-16:20 N.G. Lensky, R.W. Niebo, J.R. Holloway, V. Lyakhovsky, and O. Navon, Bubble nucleation as a trigger for xenolith entrapment in mantle melts
16:20-16:40 A. Costa, O. Melnik, R.S.J. Sparks, A model for magma flow in dykes on cyclic lava dome extrusion
16:40-17:10 Coffee Break
17:10-17:30 S. Vergniolle and J. Caplan-Auerbach, Foam disruption as the origin of the subplinian basaltic plume at Shishaldin volcano (Alaska)
17:30-17:50 S. Barsotti and A. Neri, Modeling atmospheric effects of plume dynamics and ash dispersal from explosive eruption
17:50-18:10 A. Folch, A. Costa, G. Macedonio, A coupled model for volcanic ash fallout
18:10-18:30 A.J. Hale and H. Mühlhaus, Computationally modelling lava morphology in effusive volcanic eruptions
19:00 Farewell Dinner

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Morning: Check-out

Convection in Solids and Fluids
Theatre Hall
Conveners: D. Yuen and P. Fox
09:00-09:05 Introduction
09:05-09:45 P.J. Tackley, T. Nakagawa and S. Xie, (INVITED) Coupled models of mantle convection, plate tectonics, core evolution, magmatism and mantle geochemical evolution, including phase changes and other complicating stuff

J.A. Whitehead, (INVITED) The formation of continents by mantle convection - cellular convection with a surface layer

10:25-10:45 J. Zhang and J.Q. Zhong, Experimental attempts to simulate continental drift
10:45-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-11:30  Y. Ashkenazy and E. Tziperman, Thermohaline circulation hysteresis as a function of wind-stress amplitude
11:30-11:50 L. Malki-Epshtein, H.E. Huppert and O.M. Phillips, Double-diffusive intrusions in salt-water: growth, structure and internal waves
11:50-12:10 I. Gavrieli, Modeling seawater mixing in the Dead Sea in light of the planned "peace conduit"
12:10-12:30 Y. Kaspi and G.R. Flierl, Formation of multiple zonal jets by baroclinic instability on gas planet atmospheres
12:30-13:40 Light Lunch

Time Series Analysis
Conveners: Y. Ashkenazy and Y. Kushnir

13:40-13:45 Introduction
13:45-14:15 U. Lall, R. Samuels, S. Westra, H.H. Kwon and A. Khalil, (INVITED) Multivariate nonlinear state space reconstruction: identification and functional estimation
14:15-14:45 A. Kaplan, M.A. Cane and Y. Kushnir, (INVITED) Scale separation, uncertainty, and ensembles in objective analyses of climate fields
14:45-15:15 J.W. Kantelhardt, J.F. Eichner, A. Bunde, and S. Havlin, (INVITED) Return intervals and extreme value statistics in long-term correlated data
15:15-15:40 Coffee Break
15:40-16:00 T. Kalisky, Y. Ashkenazy and S. Havlin, Volatility of linear and non-linear time series
16:00-16:20 A. Kritski, A. Vincent, D. Yuen, T. Carlsen, Adaptive data driven wavelets for multiscale time series
16:20 Goodbye and Departure

Poster Session A – Monday, June 5, 2006

Deformation, Faults, Earthquakes and Waves: Y. Ben–Zion
Baer G., G. Funning, T. Wright, and G. Shamir. The November 22, 1995, M=7.2 Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba) earthquake cycle revisited: INSAR measurements and mechanical modeling
Bailey I., T. Becker and Y. Ben-Zion. Characterization of coseismic strain patterns inferred from ~180,000 focal mechanisms in Southern California
Ben-Zion Y., Z. Peng, M. Lewis and J. McGuire. High resolution imaging of fault zone structures with seismic fault zone waves
Dolmaz M.N., E. Oksum and A. Etiz. Tectonic interpretation of Burdur-Isparta area, SW Anatolia, based on gravity and aeromagnetic data
Dor O., M. Sisk, Y. Ben-Zion, T.K. Rockwell and G. Girty. Pulverized rocks in the San Andreas fault zone
Dor O., Y. Ben-Zion, T.K. Rockwell and J. Brune. Geologic observations of asymmetric rock damage across large faults: implications for rupture along biomaterial interface
Durgaryan R. The quantitative assessment of Spitak earthquake aftershock distribution
Finzi Y., V. Lyakhovsky, Y. Ben-Zion, E.H. Hearn. Evolution of strike-slip fault systems and strain distribution in a 3-D model with brittle crust governed by damage rheology
Kohen-Kadosh S.Z.L. and K.F. Tiampo. Accelerating moment release preceding the 2002 AU Sable Forks, NY, Mw 5.0 earthquake
Oksum E., M.N. Dolmaz and I. Aydin. Quantitative interpretation of aeromagnetic anomalies of southern Lake Van, Eastern Anatolia
Oth A., F. Wenzel, H. Wust-Bloch, E. Gottschämmer and Z. Ben-Avraham. 3-D modeling of elastic wave propagation in the Dead sea area
Petrunin A. and S.V. Sobolev. Thermomechanical model of a pull-apart basin
Popov A.A. and S.V. Sobolev. Efficient computational formulation of elastoviscoplasticity for 3d modeling of strain localization in lithosphere
Rubinstein S.M., G. Cohen and J. Fineberg. The dynamics of static friction
Sobolev S.V., M. Weber, H.-J. Götze and GEO-DESIRE Team. Geo-desire – a new interdisciplinary project to study origin, structure and dynamics of the Dead Sea pull-apart basin
Uyar O. and O. Uyanık. Evaluating comparative liquefaction resistance depending on shear wave velocity and a simplified procedure and mapping of a liquefaction-prone area (Inegol, Turkey)
Wechsler N., Y. Ben-Zion and S. Christofferson. Quantifying heterogeneities in the surface traces of strike-slip faults

Earth System Feedbacks: H. Gildor
Ashkenazy Y. and H. Gildor. Maximum equatorial insolation and the 100 kyr time scale of glacial cycles
Paz S. and Y.M. Tourre. The north-Africa/west Asia (Nawa) sea level pressure index and linkages with north hemispheric dynamics
Rimmer A., W. Eckert, A. Nishri and Y. Agnon. Evaluating hypolimnetic diffusion parameters in thermally stratified lakes
Shepon Alon and Gildor Hezi, The Lightning-Biota Climatic Feedback
Yizhaq H., Y. Ashkenazy and H. Tsoar. Simple model for the hysteresis of sand dunes mobility

Mathematical Aspects of Geohazard Research: A. Ismail-Zadeh
Chaudhari L. P., A. G. Bhole, A. Yewale, N. K.Choudhary, S. P. Yavalkar, M. D. Shivankar. Planning for tsunami and natural disaster mitigation - issues on ecological and social risk: lessons from South Asian tsunami and extreme climate changes along Indian coast
Ismail-Zadeh A., J.-L. Le Mouël, A. Soloviev, P. Tapponnier, I. Vorovieva. Crustal block and-fault dynamics and earthquake modeling in the Tibet plateau and Himalayans
Kostyanev S. and E. Atanasova. On an inverse problem in land subsidence
Kontar E.A. and Y.R. Ozorovich. Development of a new method of geophysical surway of saltwater-freshwater interface in the coastal zone
Malamud B. D., J. D. A. Millington, G. L. W. Perry. Risk, ecosystems & robust power-law scaling of wildfires
Morin E. Utilization of meteorological radar rainfall information for flash-flood prediction in arid and semi-arid regions
Witt A. and B. D. Malamud. Performance tests for techniques that measure long-range persistence

Poster Session B – Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Frontiers in Computational and Analytical Techniques:
M. Spiegelman, D. Yuen and E. Heifetz
Asaf Z., D. Rubinstein and I. Shmulevich. Determination of discrete element model parameters for simulation of soil–implement interaction
Brandt A., V. Ilyin, N. Makedonska The 3-D multilevel simulation of perovskite-like crystal
Franco Y., I. Shmulevich and D. Rubinstein. The effect of interlocking among soil particles on the discrete element model parameters of cohesionless soil
Gurnis M A , Luis Armendariz, Walter Landry and Leif Strang, Matt Knepely
Spiegelman M., Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics (CIG)
Huettig C. Dual mesh finite volume method for irregular 3d voronoi grids
Ismail-Zadeh A., A. Korotkii, I. Tsepelev, and G. Schubert. Techniques for data assimilation in models of mantle dynamics
Kalyoncuog˘lu Ü.Y. and M.F. Özer. Inversion of receiver functions for crustal structure beneath the Isparta angle
Koren Z. and D. Cohen. Anisotropy common reflection angle migration
Malytskyy D., R. Pak and O. Mujl. Using the recurrent method for seismology problems
Morra G., P. Chatelain, P. Tackley and P. Koumoutzakos. Global scale lithosphere-mantle dynamics through boundary and finite element coupling
Ravve I. and Z. Koren. Asymptotically bounded velocity models: ray theory
Rudolph M., T. Gerya and D. Yuen. Computation and visualization of a 2-D mantle convection simulation using 10^10 markers
Sewjee R. and A. Ilchev. On the elastic stability of the Lyakovsky-Myasnikov model
Tackley P.J. and T. Gerya Global scale to meter scale simulations using finite difference/volume discretization and multigrid solvers
Vanadit-Ellis W. U.S. Army centrifuge: critical capability for the future
Yuen D.A., P. Topa and W. Dzwinel. A new mutiscale model of river systems and its verification by using complex network features

Coupled Fluids-Solid Systems: D. Bercovici
Aharonov E., R. Katsman. Modelling Stylolite Formation
Eldad L., M. Goldman and H. Gvirtzman. Detection the saline/brackish/fresh groundwater interfaces beneath the Judean desert using deep TDEM
Guarracino L. and L. Monachesi. Numerical simulation of constitutive relations for unsaturated flow in fractured porous media
Goren L. and E. Aharonov. Shear heating as a mechanism for long run out landslides
Rimmer A. Modeling recession curve of karstic springs–parallel or serial reservoirs?
Rimmer A., Y. Salingar. Modelling precipitation-streamflow processes in large karst basin
Walsh R., O. Kolditz, C. McDermott. Modeling stress-permeability coupling in fractures: a finite element approach with realistic discrete fractures

Fire in Rocks: O. Navon
Hicks P.D., A.J. Matthews and M.J. Cooker. Triggering mechanisms for rain all-induced lava dome collapses
Ito G., M. Behn and E. Mittelstaedt. Magmatic intrusion and lithospheric dynamics at mid-ocean ridges
Kurzon I., V. Lyakhovsky, N.G. Lensky and O. Navon. Wave propagation in saturated and supersaturated bubbly magma

Convection in Solids and Fluids: D. Yuen and P. Fox
Amit H., J. Aubert, G. Hulot and P. Olson. Mantle-driven thermal wind at the top of the core
Kameyama M. and D.A. Yuen. 3-D convection studies on the thermal state in the lower mantle with post-perovskite phase transition
Shilo E., Y. Ashkenazy, A. Rimmer, S. Assouline, and Y. Mahrer. Winter currents in Lake Kinneret
Stemmer K., H. Harder and U. Hansen. Thermal convection in a 3-D spherical shell with strongly variable viscosity: application to the earth's mantle
Van den Berg A.P., M.D. Christiansen and D.A. Yuen. Mantle dynamics under super-earth conditions

Time Series Analysis: Y. Ashkenazy and Y. Kushnir
Adit A. and E. Morin. Multi time-scale characterization of rainfall and runoff responses using wavelet analysis
Ilani R. and D. Bar. The developing vertical velocity in the sea of galilee basin during hot summer mornings a theoretical approach
Lissauer Michal, Ben-Gal Irad, Gildor Hezi, On the analysis of geophysical time series by variable order Markov models
Samuels R. and U. Lall. Predictor screening for non-linear and/or non-Gaussian time series models
Witt A., H. Oberhaensli and A.Y. Schumann. Millenial scale variability of atmospheric dust loading over the Holocene