The workshop on Electron Transport in Molecular Junctions will be held between 18 - 22 September, 2005, in Mitzpeh Hayamim in Eastern Galilee.

Meetings will begin on Sunday morning and run through Thursday afternoon. The seminar is intended for in-depth reports and discussions on the nature of electronic charge transport that involves (organic) molecules, emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of this research by bringing together experimentalists and theoreticians from the physics, chemistry and engineering communities.

Of central concern will be the following questions:

  • How far have we come in constructing stable reproducible molecular junctions?
  • How far can we go in using accepted models for the electronic properties of metals, semiconductors and their combinations, which are typically described in terms of delocalized electronic states, to the study of such junctions where the molecular components are best described by combinations of local orbitals?
  • How well can transport properties of molecular systems be predicted, monitored and controlled?
  • To what extent can we apply concepts from mesoscopic physics, developed over the past few decades, in order to understand transport through solid state-restricted geometries (quantum dots, cavities, metallic grains, etc.) to molecular systems? Do we understand the limitations of the parallels between solid state and molecular systems?