Dana Weiss

Chief Political Analyst and Anchor of "Saturday News with Dana Weiss" Channel 12 News

Dana Weiss is one of Israel’s most trusted and decorated journalists, serving as The Israeli News Company's Chief Political Analyst and host of the "Saturday News with Dana Weiss", Israel's most watched news program. A sharp and unrelenting interviewer, Dana regularly challenges Israeli and international politicians, with humor and insight. She has led some of the most high-profile media campaigns to bring to light to social injustices and political malpractice throughout Israel, and is a capable and erudite speaker on the issues of freedom of press, and the strength of Israel’s democracy – to which she is a testament, as one of Israel’s leading female broadcaster.

As a broadcast journalist for Israeli News Company, millions of Israelis have welcomed Ms. Weiss into their homes, earning her the nickname of ‘Israel’s Diane Sawyer.’ A prolific political commentator, she worked first as a legal affairs correspondent and then as host of ‘Meet the Press’ for almost a decade. Former President Shimon Peres has said, “Dana Weiss is blessed with a combination of sharp wit and a disarming style that has brought her close to every decision maker in Israel over the past twenty years. When there’s news to break, leaders want Dana to break it.”

Over her more than twenty-year career in broadcast journalism, she has reported on 8 national election campaigns, moderated the 2009 and 2013 Israeli Prime Ministerial debates, covered every war and operation in the past twenty years, and shared a deeper look at a wide range of industries and topics with the Israeli public – such as antibiotics, ADHD, the Israeli academic brain drain, and the changing work-life balance of professionals. She has interviewed every Israeli Prime Minister from Rabin through Netanyahu, Israeli Presidents, US President Bill Clinton, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Prime Ministers of the UK, Spain, Italy, and many other high-profile personalities from various fields and industries.

She is currently leading the Political and Diplomatic Desk at Israeli News Company, breaking exclusive stories and providing the viewers with in-depth analysis on Israel's most important stories, often setting the agenda and bringing a unique voice and perspective to the discussion on security and future of the country.

Weiss is a leading figure in Israel working towards women’s empowerment and gender equality. In 2015, she was named to the Israeli President’s Council for a New Israeli Agenda. She holds a law degree and BA degree in Communications from the Hebrew University and a LLM from Tel Aviv University. Mrs. Weiss in lives Tel Aviv with her husband and three sons.