General Information

Over the past decade a broad scientific discourse has emerged across traditional fields of biology, chemistry, and physics.  Advanced techniques and instrumentation have revolutionized quantitative biology, while the exploration of fundamental mechanisms underlying biological function has inspired new and complex challenges in the exact sciences. These span scales from single molecules to cellular networks, organisms and even ecosystems. Nanotechnology provides a material interface with living biochemistry, and biomimetics inspire novel technologies. Systems analysis provides a degree of abstraction in recognizing recurring patterns and themes in biological organization.

This workshop and school will explore several major themes of the physics-biology interface, introducing topics of cellular biophysics, systems and networks, single molecule studies, biomaterials, and neuroscience. The workshop and school is intended for graduate students, postdocs, and young researchers from all disciplines. The program will consist of traditional lectures as well as informal discussion groups. Participants from outside Israel are welcomed. There is no registration fee and on-campus housing and meals will be provided. In addition, a number of travel subsidies will be available.