Welcome to the SIBAE science meeting. SIBAE (Stable Isotopes in Biosphere- Atmosphere-Earth System Research) is a consortium in the framework of the European COST Action (http://www.sibae.ethz.ch/cost-sibae/), comprising 52 scientists from 22 European and associated countries and Australia. SIBAE seeks to coordinate and integrate the diverse and isolated stable isotope activities in biosphere-atmosphere- Earth system research (including atmospheric chemistry, hydrology, soil sciences and plant ecophysiology) to provide a scientific impact that is greater than that of its individual components.
The meeting aims to bring together scientists applying stable isotopes in their research and provide a place to summarize recent developments, and to identify the potential for synergistic activities across scales and disciplines.
This meeting is limited to 100 participants, and will consist of invited talks, oral presentations and poster sessions. The organizers will make every effort to provide an informal atmosphere in order to stimulate discussions on the interdisciplinary nature of the applications and integration of stable isotopes in all aspects of Biogeochemistry. An exiting and stimulating scientific program is being developed.
Registration is obligatory and includes a modest registration fee. Special room rates are available at the meeting venue, and a guided tour of Wroclaw will be offered to the meeting participants.
We invite you to join us and look forward to a fruitful and enjoyable meeting.

Prof. Nina Buchmann Chair
Prof. Dan Yakir Vice-Chair