To attend the meeting, and for additional instructions, please register by sending a request to:
Perla Zalcberg <>

(the meeting’s administrative coordinator)

with the subject line “Workshop in Math Phys, WIS2017 - registration”


Specify there:

  1. The days you expect to attend.
  2. Whether you would like to make a poster presentation.
  3. Whether you need advice with regard to hotel reservations.
  4. Any special needs.


To assist in the participation of junior researchers, some funds are available for travel expense assistance for advanced students and post-docs. Let us also know in case this may of relevance for you.

Please register by

December 14, 2016

coordination and accessibility

Organizing Committee


  • European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement 678520)
    erc, European Research Council, Established by the European Commission
  • The Dimitris N. Chorafas Institute for Scientific Exchange at the Weizmann Institute of Science