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Poster Presentations: 

Poster Program
Poster Session 1 - Monday February 21, 2005
Poster Session 2 - Tuesday February 22, 2005

Sunday February 20, 2005




Reception followed by Dinner

Monday February 21, 2005


Opening Remarks:
Yehiam Prior
Dr. Jean-Christophe Auffray, Scientific Attaché, French Embassy in Israel
Ms. Talia Rosenbaum, General Director, Ministry of Science and Technology


Chair: Joseph Zyss
8:30 S. Haroche, Mesoscopic field state superpositions in cavity QED: present status and projects (.pdf 6.9MB)
9:10 G. Dutier, S. Brasselet, J. Zyss, Demonstration of the photo-induced rotation of single molecules (.pdf 652Kb)
9:50 T. O. Shegai, Y. Sharaabi and G. Haran, Charge-transfer effects in Raman Scattering of Individual Molecules (.pps 5MB, .ppt 4.8MB)
10:30 Coffee


Chair:Mark Stockman
11:00 G. Marcus, A. Zigler and L. Friedland, Vibrational excitation of molecules by chirped laser radiation in ladderclimbing and autoresonance regimes (.pdf 957Kb, .ppt 3.8MB)
11:40 P. Nandakumar, A. Kovalev, A. Muschielok, A.Volkmer, Vibrational imaging and microspectroscopies based on coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy (.pdf 1.2MB, .pps 4.2MB)
12:10 G. Knopp, A. W. Walser, P. Beaud, P. P. Radi, M. Tulej and T. Gerber, Collision, Induced Energy Transfer In Fs Coherent Anti Stokes Raman (.pdf 2.4MB, .ppt 2.7MB)
13:00 Lunch


Chair: Izo Abram
14:30 T. Carmon, H. Rokhsari, L.Yang, T. J. Kippenberg and K. J. Vahala, Radiation-pressure-induced RF-oscillation of an optical micro-cavity phonon mode.
15:10 J. Laurat, T. Coudreau, G. Keller, J.-A. Oliveira-Huguenin, N. Treps and C. Fabre, Characterization and optimization of entangled states produced by a selfphase-locked OPO (.pdf 3.4MB, .ppt 1.3MB)
15:40 E. Rosencher, M. Baudrier- Raybaut, R. Haidar, Ph. Kupecek, A. Godard and P. Lemasson, Innovative optical parametric sources using semiconductors (.pdf 728Kb, .ppt 2MB)
16:20 Coffee


Chair: Gershon Kurizki
16:40 N. Katz, E. Rowen, I. E. Mazets, G. Kurizki and N. Davidson, Coherent evolution and decay of many-body momentum states in Bose-Einstein condensates (.pdf 831KB, .ppt 2.1MB)
17:20 R. Folman, Matter waves surface Optics (.pdf 4.6MB, .ppt 17.3MB)
18:00 M. Trippenbach, P S. Julienne , C. J.Williams, Y. B. Band, Analytic model for elastic scattering losses from colliding condensates (.pdf 1.2MB, .ppt 12.7MB)
19:00 Dinner
20:30 Poster session 1

Tuesday February 22, 2005

Tu-A Chair: Yehuda Band
8:30 M. Lukin, Quantum control of light using atomic memory (.pdf 6.4MB, .ppt 3.7MB)
9:10 B. Segev, Optimizing cold-collision quantum logic gates (.pdf 2.3MB, .ppt 16.7MB)
9:50 S. Varoutsis, S. Laurent, E. Viasnoff, I. Sagnes, A. Lemaitre, I. Robert-Philip, I. Abram, Micro-pillar emitters of single photons for Quantum Information Processing (.pdf 1.2MB, .ppt 1.6MB)
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Beach Party with Dead Sea Mud
13:00 Lunch


Chair:Arlene Wilson-Gordon
14:30 S. Mukamel, Multidimensional Coherent Vibrational Spectroscopy: Femtosecond Snapshots of Molecular Dynamics
15:10 J. Sperling, F. Milota, K. Matuszna, R. Hoffmann and H. F. Kauffmann, Electronic Coherence and Phase Relaxation in a Conjugated Polymer: Ultrafast correlations from 3- pulse photon - echoes and wave - packet (.pdf 4.6MB, .ppt 30.7MB)
15:40 M. Gühr, H. Ibrahim and N. Schwentner, Controlling vibrational wave packets in condesed phase: Dispersion, coherence and revivals for Br2 in solid Ar (.pdf 3.4MB, .zip 8.4MB)
16:20 Coffee


Chair:Michael Rosenbluh
16:40 E. Lifshitz, L. Fradkin, A. Echymüller, H. Weller, O. Micic, A. J. Nozik, Determination of g-factors in II-VI and III-V Semiconductor nanocrystals (.pdf 5.1MB, .ppt 18.2MB)
17:20 D. J. Bergman and M. I. Stockman, Coherent, Nonlinear, and Active Nanoplasmonics (.pdf 10.8MB, .ppt 14.8MB)
18:00 Gay, B. V. de Lesegno, R. Mathevet, J. Weiner, H. Lezec and T. Ebbesen, Atom Fluorescence Mapping of Optical-Field Intensity Distributions Issuing from Metallic Film Nanostructures (.pdf 4MB, .ppt 7.8MB)
19:00 Dinner
20:30 Poster session 2

Wednesday - February 23, 2005

We-A Chair:Yossi Rosenwaks
8:30 E. Mazur, Femtosecond laser micromachining (.pdf 14.3MB, .zip 62.4MB)
9:10 A. Arie, A. Bahabad, Y. Glickman, E. Winebrand, D. Kasimov and G. Rosenman, Two-dimensional nonlinear frequency converters (.pdf 4.2MB, .ppt 6.5MB)
9:50 G. Fibich, B. Ilan, A. Dubietis, G. Tamosauskas, S. Eisenmann and A. Zigler, Multiple filamentation of intense laser beams (.pdf 1.8MB, .ppt 5.5MB)
10:30 Coffee


Chair: Shamai Speiser
11:00 B. Dayan, A. Pe'er, A. A. Friesem and Y. Silberberg, Nonlinear interactions and temporal shaping with entangled photons
11:35 V. Giovannetti and L. Maccone, Entangled lithography and microscopy (.pdf 1.2MB)
12:10 G. Kurizki, A. G. Kofman, G. Gordon, A. Tal, Laser-induced control of multiatom entanglement and decoherence
13:00 Lunch

Thursday February 24, 2005

Th-A Chair: Martial Ducloy
8:30 A Copty, F Sakran, R Ziblat, O Popov, M Golosovsky, T. Danieli and D Davidov, Probing Microwave Effects and Protein Folding by Green Fluorescent Protein
9:10 Dr. D. B. Medved, CTO and Dr. L. Davidovich, Wireless Optical Transmission at 10 Gbps and Beyond (.pdf 753Kb, .ppt 4MB)
9:50 T. Pfau, J. Stuhler, A. Griesmaier, J. Werner, S. Hensler, Ultracold chromium - towards a dipolar quantum gas (.ppt 3.8MB)
10:30 Coffee


Chair:David Gershoni
11:00 S. Fleischer, I.Sh. Averbukh and Y. Prior, Molecular alignment, wavepacket interference and isotope separation via rotational revivals (.pdf 3MB, .zip 12.7MB)
11:40 H. Lignier, J.-C. Garreau, P. Szriftgiser, D. Delande, Dynamical Localization and Delocalization in a Quasiperiodic Driven System (.pdf 1.1MB, .ppt 14.7MB)
12:10 I. Hamdi, A. Yarovitski, P. Todorov, G. Dutier, I.Maurin, S. Saltiel, D. Sarkisyan, M.-P. Gorza, M. Fichet, D. Bloch and M. Ducloy, Confining a resonant vapour in a nanocell: results and prospects (.pdf 1.2MB, .ppt 3.1MB)
13:00 Lunch


Chair:Robert Kuszelewicz
14:30 D. Zajfman, Dynamics of Ions in an Electrostatic Ion Beam Trap (.pdf 1.9MB, .ppt 2.1MB)
15:10 R.Ozeri, M.D.Barrett, R.B.Blakestad, J.Britton, D.Hume, W.M.Itano, J.D.Jost, E.Knill, C.Langer, D.Leibfried, R.Reichle, T.Schaetz and D.J.Wineland, Quantum Information Processing with Trapped Ions (.ppt 6.6MB)
15:45 Y. He, E. Barkai, Exact Solution for the Influence of Spectral Diffusion on Single Molecule Photon Statistics (.pdf 2.1MB)
16:20 E. Akkermans, Anderson localization of photons and mesoscopic effects in cold atomic (.pdf 512Kb, .ppt 16.9MB)


18:30 Dinner
Th-D Chair:Ilya Averbukh
20:00 F. Krausz, Attosecond Physics (.ppt 12.5MB)
21:00 P. Bucksbaum, Ultrafast X-ray Physics (.pdf 6.8MB, .zip 23.1MB)

Friday February 25, 2005

Fr-A Chair:Yehiam Prior
8:30 M. Segev, Solitons and nonlinear waves in photonic lattices (.pdf 4.5MB, .zip 13.3MB)
9:10 J. Tredicce, M.Giudici, X.Hachair, L. Furfaro, K. Elhadi, S. S. Barland, S.Balle, L. Spinelli, G. Tissoni, L.A. Lugiato, M. Brambilla, T. Maggipinto, Cavity solitons in semiconductor microcavities and their properties (.ppt 4.2MB)
9:50 S. Barbay, Y. Ménesguen, I. Sagnes and R. Kuszelewicz, Cavity solitons and patterns in a large diameter optically pumped semiconductor amplifier with coherent injection (.pdf 4.3MB)
10:25 Concluding Remarks - Izo Abram
10:30 Coffee

Poster Presentations


POSTER SESSION 1 - Monday February 21, 2005 (pdf)

POSTER SESSION 2  - Tuesday, February 22, 2005 (pdf)

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