Instructions for Speakers

The allotted times shown in the program include discussion time, the 15 min parallel session talks include 3 min discussion time and all other talks of longer duration include 5 min discussion time.

Only digital material will be allowed for oral presentations. Each room will be equipped with a PC running an English version of WinXP, with PowerPoint 2007 and Adobe Reader 8 installed, connected to an LCD projector.

You can upload your talk directly into the Indico system. For that, follow the instructions outlined here.
Alternatively bring your talk, either PPT or PDF, on a CD or on a USB memory to the preview desk located in the Dolphin room. Please make sure to upload your talk or bring it to the preview room not later than 5 pm of the day preceding your talk. Be sure to embed all non-standard fonts in the PPT (PDF) file. The preview desk will be open Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm and you will be able to preview your talk there.

There will be no overhead projectors. Your OHP slides must be scanned and pasted on a PPT/PDF file before you come to Eilat.

The plenary sessions will take place in the Blue Hall of the Dan Eilat and parallel sessions will take place in the following rooms (see attached map for the location of the rooms):

Dan Eilat: Blue Hall A, B, Coral A, B, Tarshish A, B and Fiesta

Dan Panorama: Sea Star and Snapir