Nobel physics laureate Pierre-Gilles de Gennes dies at 74,
after a long battle with cancer.

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes was scheduled to give the opening lecture of our Tzfat meeting.

He will be greatly missed by the Israeli scientific community. Some of us were very close to him, worked with him and knew him quite well. Many more simply admired him for his zest for his science as well as for his charming personality. We in Israel benefitted tremendously from his warm and supportive attitude towards Israel and Israeli science. Read a fond farewell, and more.

This is the first gathering of the Israeli research community in the field of the physics and materials aspects of biological matter.

View a Photo Gallery of captured moments of the participants at work and at play, as well as the magical host city of Tzfat and Environs.

Read impressions of the conference from guest speaker Prof. Alex Mogilner (U. of California, David).

The subjects cover the whole spectrum of the field: from the physical properties of single biological molecules to larger self-assembled structures such as cell membranes and cytoskeletons.

The topics will include:
  • Cytoskeleton structure and dynamics

  • Cellular membranes

  • Cell adhesion

  • Protein dynamics and interactions

  • Dynamics of biological molecules and self-assembly

  • Mechanical properties of biological systems

  • DNA complexes, dynamics and expression
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