Conference Tour

  • Open date for registration : September 14 ,2012
  • Final date for registration: November 17 ,2012
  • Oral abstract Submission deadline: November 1 ,2012
  • Poster abstract submission deadline: November 17, 2012

The School will include two excursions, to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Trip to Tel Aviv

We will arrive at central Tel Aviv (are of the HaBima theater) around 19:15. A bus back to Rehovot will leave from the Nanuchka Bar-Restaurant (Lilienblum 30, Tel Aviv) at 22:30. The participants are free to wander independently, or walk with the group for a short tour of Rothchild Avenue. The tour will end at the Nanuchka Bar around 20:30. There we'll spend the evening (participants will cover their own costs), and board the bus back to Rehovot at 22:30. Participants may also return independetly (taxis to Rehovot cost around 150 NIS).

Trip to Jerusalem

The tour will focus on the religious aspect of Jerusalem - past and present. Jerusalem is a fascinating place to “search/ learn / tour” the roots of the three western religions. We will leave Weizmann Institute to Jerusalem round 13:00/ On the way i’ll be pointing out places of interest and will give a short intro to the new and old history of this famous city.
We will start our tour with an overview from the Hass promenade looking over the basin of the old city. From there we will head toward the old city, and start our walk at Zion Mt. After visiting the Room of last Supper and David Tomb which are located on Mt. Zion, we will enter the old city itself via Zion Gate, and head toward he Church of Holy Sepulcher - the place marking the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus. On our way we will pass in the famous Kardo and the
colourful bustling market and visit one or two stations of the “Via De La Rosa” located near the church area today.
From there we will head to the Western Wall (“Kotel” ), the holiest place for Jews, via a nice overview of Temple Mt. and its famous structures -Dome of the Rock and El Aktza mosque. As it is “Hanukkah”, the Jewish festival of lights, we will aim to take part in the ceremony of Kindling the Hanukkah lights at the western wall. After the visit to the Kotel we will tour the Jewish quarter, with its festive Hanukkah lights, and try to understand better the origin and history of this festival. As we tour the Jewish quarter we will also make our way toward Jaffa gate, and exit the old city to a evening overview of the new city. We will then walk for another ~10min from Jaffa gate via the new city hall, to Kanela, the restaurant where we will have dinner (19:30).