Information transfer is a central aspect of biology, and signaling within and between cells is a fundamental aspect of the functioning of multicellular organisms. It has long been established that signaling between cells requires specific and regulated mechanisms to transport signaling molecules and generate functional gradients to control processes such as axon guidance, chemotaxis, developmental differentiation and others. What has been less apparent is the fact that equally sophisticated and diverse mechanisms are almost certainly required for information transfer and signaling WITHIN cells. This is the central topic of the planned workshop.
Questions regarding mechanisms of propagation of intracellular signals and information over long distances within cells are currently being addressed by neurobiologists, cell biologists and signal transduction specialists and systems biologists. We invite you to join this multidisciplinary workshop to meet and discuss the issues outlined above together with leading scientists from these different fields. We hope that this EMBO/FEBS/ISF Workshop at Maale HaChamisha will provide critical impetus to development of multidisciplinary research in the field.

Hoping to meet you at Maale HaChamisha.

Mike Fainzilber (Rehovot)
Boris Kholodenko (Philadelphia)
Giampietro Schiavo (London)