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Recent Publications

Generation of specialized blood vessels via lymphatic transdifferentiation ionsv

Karina Yaniv’s lab, published in Nature;


Single-cell epigenetic analysis reveals principles of chromatin states in H3.3-K27M gliomas

Efrat Shema’s lab, published in Molecular Cell;


H3-K27M-mutant nucleosomes interact with MLL1 to shape the glioma epigenetic landscape

Efrat Shema’s lab, published in Cell reports (Cambridge)


Extrathymic expression of Aire controls the induction of effective TH17 cell-mediated immune response to Candida albicans

Koby Abramson’s lab, published in Nature Immunology;


Nucleoporin-93 reveals a common feature of aggressive breast cancers: robust nucleocytoplasmic transport of transcription factors

Yossi Yarden’s lab, published in Cell Reports 2022 Feb 22;38(8):110418.


Different hotspot p53 mutants exert distinct phenotypes and predict outcome of colorectal cancer patients

Yossi Yarden’s lab, published in Nature Communications 2022 May 19;13(1):2800.


GqPCR-stimulated dephosphorylation of AKT is induced by an IGBP1-mediated PP2A switch.

Rony Seger’s lab published in Cell Commun Signal. 2022 Jan 8;20(1):5.


Applying imaging flow cytometry and immunofluorescence in studying the dynamic Golgi structure in cultured cells.

Rony Seger’s lab, published in STAR Protoc. 2022 Apr 5;3(2):101278. eCollection 2022 Jun 17.


Unique features of transcription termination and initiation at closely spaced tandem human genes.

Igor Ulitsky’s lab, published in Molecular Systems Biology. 18(4):e10682 (2022)


Context-specific effects of sequence elements on subcellular localization of linear and circular RNAs.

Igor Ulitsky’s lab, published in Nature Communications. 13(1):2481 (2022)


Role of Helical Structure in MBP Immunodominant Peptides for Efficient IgM Antibody Recognition in Multiple Sclerosis

Ruth Arnon’s Lab, published in Frontiers in Chemistry


ICAM-1 on Breast Cancer Cells Suppresses Lung Metastasis but Is Dispensable for Tumor Growth and Killing by Cytotoxic T Cells

Ronen Alon’s Lab, published in Frontiers in Immunology


Multiplexed, single-molecule, epigenetic analysis of plasma-isolated nucleosomes for cancer diagnostics

Efrat Shema's Lab, published in Nature Biotechnology


Transcriptional regulation of the thymus master regulator Foxn1

Koby Abramson’s lab, published in Science Immunology


Prof. Michael Sela (1924–2022)

Israel Pecht, published in European Journal of Immunology