Yohai Kaspi's Research Group

Eli Galanti photo

Eli Galanti

Staff Scientist

Sussman 317
Tel: +972-8-934-6405

Research Topic: The gravity signature of atmospheric dynamics on giant planets

Ilai Guendelman photo photo

Ilai Guendelman

PhD student

Sussman 314
Tel: +972-8-934-4924

Researach Topic: Climate of extreme orbits

Keren Duer photo

Keren Duer

PhD student

Sussman 314
Tel: +972-8-934-4924

Researach Topic: Magnetohydrodynamics

Dana Raiter photo

Dana Raiter

Msc student

Sussman 314
Tel: +972-8-934-4924

Researach Topic: Hadley cell dynamics

Or Hadas photo

Or Hadas

MSc student

Sussman 314
Tel: +972-8-934-4924

Researach Topic: Storm track dynamics

Omer Cohen photo

Omer Cohen

Project engineer

Sussman 314
Tel: +972-8-934-4924

Researach Topic: JUICE USO project engineer

Avnit Mekin photo

Avnit Mekin

Software engineer

Sussman 314
Tel: +972-8-934-4924

Researach Topic: 3D hydrodynamics

Former Group Members

Marzia Parisi photo

Marzia Parisi

Postdoc, 2014-2016

Research Topic: Gravity science and atmospheric occultations

Currently: Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Talia Tamarin photo

Talia Tamarin

PhD student, 2012-2017

Talia's PhD thesis

Research Topic: Storm track dynamics

Currently: McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Reading

Rei Chemke photo

Rei Chemke

PhD student, 2014-2017

Rei's PhD thesis

Research Topic: Atmospheric jets

Currently: NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University

Morgan ONeill photo

Morgan E O'Neill

Postdoc, 2015-2017

Research Topic: Giant planet atmospheric dynamics

Currently: Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Janni Yuval photo

Janni Yuval

PhD student, 2013-2017

Janni's PhD thesis

Research Topic: Atmospheric Baroclinicity

Currently: EAPS Lorenz-Houghton Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT