Short list:

Institute of Technology, Carlow       
Trinity College, Dublin
National University of Ireland, Galway                     

Long list:

Carlow                                ### Update Jan 2004

School of Science
Institute of Technology                 
Kilkenny Rd, Carlow

Tel: +353-59-9170400 (DID extension 9170479)
Fax: +353-59-70517

Name                Tel      Fax       Email

McMillan, Norman                       norman.McMillan at itcarlow.ie
Mulcahy, Patricia                     +Patricia.Mulcahy at itcarlow.ie
Dublin                                ### Update Jan 2015

Membrane Structural & Functional Biology Group
School of Biochemistry & Immunology
Trinity College Dublin

Tel: +353-318964257                            
URL: http://www.tcd.ie/Biochemistry/research/m_caffrey.php

Name                Tel      Fax       Email

Caffrey, Martin                       +martin.caffrey at tcd.ie

Structural Cell Biology                ### Update May 2010

Tel: +353-18963870
Fax: +353-16772400
URL: http://www.tcd.ie/Biochemistry/research/a_khan/research.php

Khan, Amir                            +amirrafk at tcd.ie
Galway                                 ### Update Mar 2007    
Chemistry Department
National University of Ireland
Tel: +353-91-49****
Fax: +353-91-525700
URL: http://www.ucg.ie/faculties_departments/chemistry/
Name                Tel      Fax       Email
Erxleben, Andrea    2483               andrea.erxleben at nuigalway.ie  
Higgins, Tim        2464               tim.higgins at nuigalway.ie
McArdle, Pat        2487              +p.mcardle at nuigalway.ie