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PhD Tracks

  • Direct PhD Track
    This track derives from the MSc program. It is offered to FGS MSc students towards the end of their 2nd year.
  • Regular PhD Track
    Applicants must have a Master of Science (MSc) degree with thesis, or a Medical Degree (MD), from an accredited local or foreign institution of higher learning, or other certificate deemed equivalent by the specific Board of Studies.


  • PhD for Certified MDs
    The program is designed for MDs with a strong interest in basic science research and who are willing to devote full-time research to this program.
  • PhD Track for Medical Residents / Specialist MDs
    Candidates to the program may only be nominated by the management of the hospital in which they do their residency (or work as specialists), with intent to involve them (upon completion of their studies at WIS), among the Hospital's leading research staff, in addition to their clinical duties.


Fields of Study

  • Physical Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Sciences Teaching (in Hebrew only)


FGS Faculty Coordinators

In February 2015 the Graduate School changed the way its staff members provide service to the students and postdocs, as well as to the Heads of Research Groups. In the new setting each FGS coordinator is designated to serve all the populations within a particular Faculty or two. In the case pof PhD Tracks each coordinator is responsible for:

  • Handling and monitoring applications by candidates in the corresponding field of study through all the stages of the review and acceptance process.
  • Monitoring administratively the progression of each student's study phases (research proposal, thesis and course work).
  • Serving when necessary as liaison between the students and the corresponding Board of Studies and/or the FGS Dean.
FGS Coordinator for the Faculty of Physics and for the Faculty of Chemistry FGS Coordinator for the Faculty of Biology and for the Faculty of Biochemistry

Ms. Michal Kiri


Email for Physics
Email for Chemistry


Ms. Dalia Greenberg

08-934-3843 |

Emai for both Biology and Biochemistry

FGS Coordinator for the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and for the Department of Science Teaching  

Ms. Adi Shimron

08-934-4553 |

Email for Math & CS

Email for Science Teaching