Membership Options




110 NIS per month


90 NIS per month



(Unlimited number and types)
110 NIS per month


Pay as you go card

(for 10 single entrances to any class)
170 NIS per card



Employee’s partners

Monthly cost 110 NIS



WIS pensioners

Monthly cost 110 NIS
  • Entrance to classes is contingent on pre-registration through the mobile app or website Membership is personal and is not transferable.
Who can register?
  • Workers who receive a salary or stipend on a permanent basis.
  • Temporary workers (day workers, consultants) – ratings: 70,71,72,73,78,79.
  • Students with special status – rating 53.
  • Professor Emeritus.
  • Service extension – only in first half-year of the extension.
  • Institute Professor.
  • Students without scholarships at level 00 and at 0% job position – rating 40 and 52 at level 00 and 0% job position.
  • Post-doctoral students with ratings 45, 46 at level 00 with 0% job position.
  • Non-salaried academic advisors.
  • Non-salaried people on site, not including outsourced employees and construction contractors.
  • Please note that at this moment in time, registration will be possible only for employees/students who are listed on the HR system in the Weizmann Institute of Science.
How do I register?

Complete the registration form for employees/students who have Weizmann user name

  • Log in using your user and password.
  • Select the membership type(s) you would like – you may select one or two types of membership.
  • Choose the month that you would like to begin your subscription.
  • Enter your cellphone number to receive messages from the fitness center.
  • Confirm that you have read the regulations.
  • Employees requesting to pay via their salary:
    • must approve direct salary deduction.
    • to verify user identification ,please enter your date of birth.
  • To make a payment or to obtain a credit card, contact the Institute cashier at
    08-9342897, 08-9342236, 08-9342238, or bring a valid personal credit card to the cashier on the ground floor of Stone building , room 5, Sunday to Thursday, 9:00-15:00 (9 AM to 3 PM), together with a printed copy of the message which you receive at the end of the registration/cancellation process stating that ‘Your request is confirmed’.

Credit card registration form for employees and students who do not have Weizmann user name

  1. Please complete the registration form and return it by mail to: gym@
  2. You will receive a confirmation email which you should print and take with you to the cashier office together with a valid credit card.
    Cashier office 08-9342897, 08-9342236, 08-9342238, on ground floor of Stone building , room 5, Sunday to Thursday, 9:00-15:00 (9 AM to 3 PM).

Please remember that entry to the Fitness Center is conditional submission of a Health Declaration as is required by law.

How do I Cancel Membership?
  • The member salary will be charged automatically every month until termination of the membership by the employee
  • You can cancel membership at any time (class and/or gym) for whole months only.
  • Cancellation can be made by completing the form "Cancellation of Subscription".
  • Please make sure to read & follow the instructions until the end of the process.