Weizmann Institute for Science

Oded Zilberberg

Ph.D. in Physics
Department of Condensed Matter Physics
Weizmann Institute for Science
Research group: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/condmat/gefen_group.html

Short Biography

In my free time I have been training in Ninjutsu since 1993, am practicing Brazilian Jiujitsu since 4 years, and enjoy Yoga, Capoeira, and playing Chess sporadically.

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Research Summary

I have worked in different research groups in 2006 (Computational Physics, Experimental Molecular Electronics). In 2007 I have written my M.Sc. thesis in the group of Daniel Loss on the study of multi-particle qubits. In 2012 I have written my Ph.D. thesis in the group of Yuval Gefen on weak measurements in solid state physics.

My research interests are:

  • Topological phases of quasicrystals.
  • Implementations of weak measurements and the Weak Value protocol in condensed matter systems.
  • Statistics of quasi-particles in fractional quantum Hall systems and their transport between 1D chiral edge states.
  • Quantum computation using quantum dots

In 2008, I co-founded the Condensed Matter Physics Journal Club.