Prof. Arie Admon

There are few I-core related research topics in my lab and proteomics center:

  1. The identification and analysis of the MHC and HLA peptidomes. The idea behind this research is that the MHC/HLA peptidome is a refection of the Degradome of the cells and the analysis of the repertoires of presented MHC peptides and defining their dynamics allows better understanding of the dynamics of cellular proteins.
  2. Another related area of research is the analysis of the Ubquitinome of the cells and looking for the different Ub crosslinking sites through analysis GG-epsilon-K residues on the different proteins. This project is performed in collaboration with Professor Ciechanover.
  3. We analyze the phosphoproteome of cells and its dynamics in response to stimuli, such as interferon. In this research we have collaboration with Gideon on interferon alpha.
  4. We analyze the protein content of multi-subunit protein complexes in crystals with Nathan Nelson, but his issue has to be described by Nathan, if he wants to. IN my own research lab we also analyze the effect of interferon Gamma on the proteome and the HLA peptidome of cells. The person involved with that is a Ph.D. student Dmitry Bourdetsky.

The people in the Proteomics Center that work on the joint projects are Dr. Tamar Ziv, Hila Wolf and Keren Bendalak.

Dmitry Bourdetsky is funded by the I-core. Dr. Tamar Ziv and Hila Wolf are also partially funded by I-core.