Applications to join the I-Core

Thanks for your interest in joining the I-CORE on  Structural Biology of the Cell.

To apply, the candidate is required to hold an offer from either WIS, TAU or the Technion for a tenure track faculty position. The application procedure will consist of two phases. In the first round, which deadline is 23rd of April 2015 the applicant will have to submit his/her CV and up to a two page document on past and future research and how this will benefit from being part of this I-CORE. In addition, a letter from the accepting department on their intention of hiring (even if hiring was not formally finalized). Folloiwng the first round, applicants will be requested to submit a full proposal for the selection process to join the I-CORE. Each new member of this I-CORE will receive a start up grant as well as 1,500,000 NIS over five years for his/her research.


The procedure for accepting new faculty member to I-CORE

Acceptance of new members to our I-CORE will be according to the following procedure:

After submission of an application the material will be distributed to the scientific board of our I-CORE, followed by a discussion on the suitability of the candidate and a vote by the members of the scientific board. A positive outcome requires at least 4 out of 5 positive votes. Next, an ad hoc committee will be established to scientifically evaluate the candidate. The committee will be of at least two members, one from the institution where the candidate was accepted and another member who's research area is close to that of the candidate but from a different institution. The two members will be nominated by the scientific director. The candidate will be asked to submit an application to the committee (in line with the guidelines of the ISF). The ad hoc committee will provide a written recommendation on the candidate based on the CV and research proposal. Finally, the senior members of our I-CORE will vote to accept the candidate, taking into account the written recommendation, the cv and area of interest and recommendation of the ad hoc committee. To be approved, the candidate will need a positive vote from at least 9 out of the 11 senior members.

Except for special cases, applications to join our I-CORE should be made March 15, to enable us to finish the procedure till end of July (budget year starts Sept 1). To apply, the candidate will need to have an offer from one of the participating institutes for a tenure track faculty position (WIS, TAU, Technion). In some cases applicants will be considered also if they are still under review by an institute (but after being formally accepted by a department). Final decisions on acceptance will require the formal acceptance by a host institute.
We will be happy to hear updates from you about the academic institutes that you’ve been in touch with and the status of your application in the institutes. Also, don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

Sincerely yours,

Applications should be send to Ela Ulman, Administrator.