Dr. Ron Diskin

In my lab we are interesting in deciphering the structure and function of a novel protein complex that mediates transport of membrane proteins into primary cilia.  The primary cilia are sensory organelles projecting from the cell membrane and many important sensory and signaling pathways rely on properly structured cilia. The protein complex is called the BBSome and is composed of several different BBS proteins that were found to be mutated in a rare genetic disorder called Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS).

Studying the structure of this protein complex is very challenging task that is feasible due to the unique facilities and expertise found in our I-CORE group. Advanced technologies for protein expression at the ISPC are instrumental for facilitating this project. Moreover, the magnitude of the project is likely to require interdisciplinary approach, making use of bioinformatics (assisted by the Ben-Tal and Wolfson groups), electron microscopy (assisted by the Minsky group) and mass spectrometry (assisted by the Admon group). Collaborations with other I-CORE members like the Fleishman group on novel crystallization approaches will further help to advance our scientific goals.

Names of PhD and Post-Doctoral students in the lab, that are funded by the center:

  1. Dr. Prakash Kumar Sinha
  2. Ms. Anastasiya Shulman