Prof. Deborah Fass

My laboratory studies the role of catalyzed disulfide bond formation in protein folding, trafficking, and assembly, both inside and outside of cells. We use a variety of techniques to address our questions, ranging from high-resolution structure determination techniques such as X-ray crystallography and NMR, to techniques that allow us to visualize protein assemblies in situ, i.e., immunofluorescence microscropy and scanning electron microscopy of the extracellular matrix. These projects involve collaborations with experts on NMR spectroscopy and protein design within the I-CORE. We are heavy users of the electron microscopy facilities at the Weizmann Institute, and will increasingly use the NMR facilities to study oxidative protein folding kinetics and to determine protein structures that have been resistant to crystallization.

Names of PhD and Post-Doctoral students in the lab, that are funded by the center:

  • Gad Armony (Ph.D. student, direct track)
  • Toot Moran (M. Sc. track)
  • Yael Mutsafi (post-doc)