Dr. Sarel Fleishman

Our lab develops computer algorithms for designing molecular functions in proteins. We are currently engaged in several ICORE-related studies:

  1. we are developing methods for redesigning antibody specificities. Here, we are collaborating with Prof. Deborah Fass’s laboratory. Prof. Fass isolated an antibody that could fight metastases. The antibody is specific for human target proteins, but is inert towards human proteins. We are developing tools to modify its specificity. These tools are general and could be applied in principle to any antibody target.
  2. We are developing computational and experimental methods for predicting and designing protein-protein interactions in the membrane. Here we are collaborating with Prof. Nir Ben-Tal on analyzing the energy contributions to affinity and membrane solubility of transmembrane proteins.
  3. We are collaborating with Dr. Ron Diskin on designing proteins with enhanced solubility for experimental assays.

Names of PhD and Post-Doctoral students in the lab, that are funded by the center:

  • Dr. Assaf Alon
  • Mr. Gideon Lapidoth