Assistant Professor Meytal Landau

Our lab is focused on revealing the structural and mechanistic details of proteins involved in human disease at the atomic level. We plan to use this information for a structure guided design of novel drugs.

We have running projects in the subjects of:

  • Platelet surface proteins associated with cardiovascular diseases, cancer, snake envenomation and more.
  • Bacterial proteins having no human orthologues as targets for novel antibacterial drugs.
  • Microbial functional amyloid and their association with human aggregation diseases.

For meeting our goals, we need to use a variety of structural and computational tools, such as X-ray crystallography, Mass Spec, Electron microscopy, NMR, powerful computing, and more. Therefore, we require the use of the I-CORE infrastructures and wish to work in collaboration with different labs having expertise in methods that complement our own.

Names of PhD and Post-Doctoral students in the lab, that are funded by the center:

  1. Einav Tayeb-Fligelman
  2. Orly Tabachnikov