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Immunology Program

Decades of immunological research have mapped the critical cellular and molecular players of the immune system in a depth and complexity unprecedented in other biological systems. Collectively, these advances form a solid basis for research on hematopoesis, immune homeostasis, as well as innate and adaptive immune defense mechanisms of the mammalian organism. These insights have rendered the study of immune cells a major attraction for interdisciplinary, system-oriented research.  

To introduce curious students to this exciting field the Department of Immunology offers an educational program to both newcomers, as well as students with background in basic immunology. The program consists of two main bi-annual courses given in consecutive years, an annual Immunity-related Symposium, as well as specialized frontal courses and a selection of seminars on diverse topics .

Our main course Advanced Immunology is given in the Winter semester of alternating years by members of our department and covers all major of research fields in modern immunology.

A second main course termed Highlights in Immunology is offered in the Spring semester of the following calendar year. This course covers contemporary immunology topics as presented by leading international and national specialists. Biannually, we are holding an Immunology meeting addressing topics at the fore-front of immunological research. Finally, the Department of Immunology is proud to host an Annual symposium in honor of Prof. Michael Sela with distinguished international guest speakers.

This program is complemented by frontal courses and seminars, covering classical studies in immunology, mucosal and clinical immunology, systems immunology, hematopoesis and lymphocyte trafficking. For information on courses and seminars currently offered by the Department of Immunology, please refer to FEINBERG Search Courses and Schedule.