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Abramson, Jakub
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Immunologic Tolerance and Autoimmunity
Phone: +972-8-934-2776
Alon, Ronen
Leukocyte Trafficking
Phone: +972-8-934-2482
Amit, Ido
Genomics and Systems Biology of the Immune System
Phone: +972-8-934-3338
Arnon, Ruth
Antigenicity and Vaccine Development
Phone: +972-8-934-4017
Dahan, Rony
Antibody Effector Functions in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
Phone: +972-8-934-9025
Elinav, Eran
Innate immunology, host-microbiome interactions: deciphering how interactions of mammals with their environment regulate health and disease
Phone: +972-8-934-4014
Friedman, Nir
Cytokine Communication Networks
Phone: +972-8-934-6294
Jung, Steffen
Origin and Functional Organization of the Mononuclear Phagocyte System
Phone: +972-8-934-2787
Lapidot, Tsvee
Functional Pre-Clinical Models for Normal and Leukemic Human Stem Cells: Molecular and cellular communication between stem cells and the bone marrow microenvironment
Phone: +972-8-934-2481
Merbl, Yifat
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Protein Modifications (e.g. ubiquitin) in Cancer and Immune Regulation. Proteomics and Systems Biology of the Immune system.
Phone: +972-8-934-3335
Sela, Michael
Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer Immunology
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Shachar, Idit
The molecular mechanisms controlling homing, differentiation and survival of peripheral lymphocytes in health and disease
Phone: +972-8-934-4257
Shakhar, Guy
Imaging Intercellular Communication in the Immune System
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Shulman, Ziv
Antibody immune response
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Professors Emeriti

Mozes, Edna
Specific Immunomodulation of Autoimmune Diseases
Phone: +972-8-934-3646
Nezlin, Roald
Quantitative analysis of immune and non-immune IgG complexes. Clinical biomarkers
Phone: +972-8-934-3652
Pecht, Israel
T-cell receptor recognition; Coupling and modulation of immuno-receptor stimuli; Electron transfer mechanisms
Phone: +972-8-934-4020
Berke, Gideon
Regulation of CTL-Mediated Tumor Immunity
Phone: +972-8-934-3975
Cohen, Irun R.
Autoimmunity, Diabetes, DNA vaccination, Antigen chip, Bio-informatics, HSP60, Innate receptors
Phone: +972-8-934-2911
Eshhar, Zelig
Catalytic antibodies, Immuno-gene therapy
Phone: +972-8-934-3965
Fuchs, Sara
Neurotransmitter Receptors in Health and Disease
Phone: +972-8-934-2618
Ben-Nun, Avi
Neuroimmunology, pathogenic autoimmunity, myelin/neuronal repair
Phone: +972-8-934-4558
Eisenbach, Lea
Anti-tumor Vaccines
Phone: +972-8-934-4555
Reisner, Yair
Immune Tolerance and transplantation immunology: Emphasizing on deletion based mechanisms in autoimmunity and steady state, bone marrow and embryonic stem cell transplantations and organ regeneration
Phone: +972-8-934-4023

In Memoriam

Feldman, Michael
Lider, Ofer
Schechter, Israel
Haran-Ghera, Nechama