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The International Network of Protein Engineering Centres (INPEC) is an unofficial group of national centres concerned with protein engineering research which was established in 1991. It is a non-profit, scientific, organization devoid of legal status.

Ein Gedi

Ein-Gedi ( spring of the ibex ), an oasis on the shores of the Dead Sea, is a natural wonder. Due to the abundance of fresh water, it has been inhabited since the Chalcolithic period, viz. since ca. 3,000 BC. It was a site where specialized agriculture was practiced under the Judean kings, and the final stand against the Roman conquerors, in 73 AD, was made on nearby Massada. After the Jewish rebellion, in 73 AD, it was inhabited by hermits of various sects. Today, the Israeli kibbutz, Ein Gedi, utilizes the springs of the oasis for modern agriculture and for guesthouse and health spa.

The contrasting green of the lush kibbutz gardens, yellow of the cliffs of the Judean Desert, and steel-blue of the Dead Sea, make Ein-Gedi a beautiful, historical and secluded site for a scientific conference.

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