Only current Weizmann students, faculty, and staff have remote-access privileges to Weizmann-licensed library resources.   In order to access eResources, you must have a valid Weizmann username and password. 

Step 1: Use proxied links

Links that originate from library resources are proxied: the library catalog, the eJournal a-z list, the Database a-z list and the articles & more database.  When clicking on a proxied link for the first time in the session, remote users are prompted for their Weizmann username and password. One successful login establishes access to all licensed resources.

Links not obtained from the library web pages are, most likely, not proxied. Therefore, you will need to find a way to add the Weizmann proxy to the link.

Step 2: Add the Library Proxy bookmarklet (Optional)

The Weizmann Library Proxy Bookmarklet lets you easily reload the current page via the library proxy to see if we have access. The bookmarklet works with any browser but the browser must be java enabled.

Instructions on how to install and use the Bookmarklet.

List of resources that require a username and password on or off campus.